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We'd like to start a family. My wife and I are about a year-and-a half into marriage, and have decided it's time that we'd like to bring someone into the world.

The fear, however, is how diabetes will be a part of that.

From the pre-family stages, to my health and role-modeling, to what potential effect my own diabetes will play on our child's. They say it's genetic. That's a fear of mine - that I'll continue this condition and pass it down. The stats aren't in my favor, but nothing's definate. All of this has, of course, led me to want to keep my sugars and life in order and in stable order, though it's more as of late than anything. Better late than never, another saying goes.

I've always said, or thought at least, that a cure isn't for me - it's for the future generations of children that can be salvaged from having to go through something that I have. No child should have to go through that. That's why I pray for a cure - to help and save them. But, it seems that by helping myself and being in control of my diabetes, I can do something to help beat the odds that I'd be passing this on. Obviously, no parent wants to pass something like this down to their child. There's got to be some psychological stuff that can come from that - on both generational levels. My mom's been diabetic her life - chances are it's heriditary. But, I have no grudges or bad blood because of it - unfortunate, but that's the way it goes (though my adolescent years may have led to some hurtful, teenage rants in spite - which I now regret, but realize that I could face years down the road.)

As with anything else, you can't live in fear and let that dictate your life. So we're taking steps and moving on as much as possible. We are keeping my life in better control. Lately, church has come into our life and we're starting that avenue for prayer, guidance, and whatever salvation we may find or need. Maybe some answers will be found there.

I'd like to hear from some other diabetics who've been here. Discussion always welcome.


Allison said…
You should check out the book When You're a Parent With Diabetes, written by fellow blogger Kassie Palmer. The URL for the book's site is and her blog is Of course, the book is heavily leaning towards the mother's perspective, since she is the one who has to carry the child in addition to raising it, but Kassie goes through a lot of different situations once the child is born. You should definitely read it. :-)
Kassie said…
Thanks, Allison :)

You can probably skip the pregnancy stuff in the book but there are quotes from dad's and other non-mom-specific info. You can get a free copy by following the instructions at:
Kevin said…
I've recently grappled with the same issues. Luckily, my wife is currently pregnant and we are on our way to starting a family. While I'm scared and worry about my health and the kind of parenting I'll be able to provide if something should go wrong, but like you said, I don't think you can go through life worried like that. My advice is to start now, and maximize the healthy times while you have them. Also, I think that starting a family has been a tremendous motivation to improve my overall health so I can be around for as long as possible with my family.

Best of luck with your decisions. I know that it can be a difficult one to contemplate.

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