Peeing apple juice

Once again, there was little sleep last night because of continuing pains in the legs and feet. Thanks, neuropathy. Anyhow, managed about four hours. Waking up to the voice of my wife, I managed to spit out a few words that - at the time and especially in hindsight - didn't make complete sense. Sensing something was wrong, I pulled myself out of bed and stumbled downstairs to the kitchen. A blood test revealed a common number: 49, which is becoming a more frequent happening these days for some reason (push for tight control?).

So, I went for the new juiceboxes Suzi had bought the night before. Of course, in my low state, the airtight transparent sealing wouldn't rip off. The nearby knife holder offered some hope, and I took the smallest one there and sliced away. This, as should have been expected, resulted in a puncture wound in the juice box. Apple juice proceeded to leak all over the counter. Should have foreseen this happening. Suzi came down and rescued me, demanding I fetch a bowl or cup to catch the escaping juice. I did. That's when we made the comment and shared a laugh at how it looked like the juicebox was peeing. Hey, mornings are crazy enough without low sugars.

Headed upstairs to get ready for work, as I was now running late. Jumped in the shower and - again - shuddered from the coldness. But the warmth of rising blood sugars soon returned.

Reactions aren't fun, but this again wasn't bad as I caught it before it progressed into the rambling/drunkenness-without-alcohol stage. A positive from all this is I'm seeing some consistency in my nighttime and morning readings, albeit lower than they should be. The 49 number happened twice in two days about 8 a.m., coming after 3 a.m. tests in the mid-to-high 100s and bedtime readings much too high. Now, the mystery of navigating this blood sugar puzzle continues and I throw that proverbial dart at the magic number and hope to hit the bullseye. At least I'm getting closer.


AmyT said…
Hi Michael,
Did I introduce myself yet? Great new blog you've got going here.

Visit me some time at
Kerri. said…
I completely understand that "rambling/drunkenness without alcohol" low feeling. It's crumbs all around and I'm glad you've recovered from this one. I had a good stint where I was experiencing a nasty low every few days and it was startling, to say the least. But you're right - this is a bump on the road towards tight control.

And I definitely giggled when reading your "peeing apple juice" perception. :)

-- Kerri.
Anonymous said…
Michael, you should do a couple nights of basal testing. There are directions in your MiniMed manual. If you don't know how to do it,ask your Dr and she can tell you. That helps get the night time rates more set and avoid the morning lows. Also get some of those glucose tabs at Walmart to keep by the bed and then you won't have to go all the way downstairs.

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