Living A 'Normal' Life...

Being the last day of the month, it's time to finally join the circus.

Or rather, the carnival. The Diabetes Blog Carnival. Also known as the #DSMA Blog Carnival.

For those outside the ever-expanding online community of diabetics, you may find it relevant to know that #dsma means Diabetes Social Media Advocacy. That's a weekly Twitter chat where dozens come together online to discuss diabetes issues and topics, and the point of this carnival exercise is to have a bunch of D-bloggers focus on a specific question and personalize our own response to that. Blogs will all be compiled at month's end to highlight what's been written.

So, the February topic has been:
"The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is . . . ."

There have been so many posts, from the start of the month to just recently. Many have had great responses. Some have resonated completely with me, others in part, some not so much. But all have been wonderful to read, without a doubt. Reflecting on that sentence myself, my mind has gone to many places. But in the end, my response reads as this:

"The most awesome thing I have done in spite of diabetes is live a 'normal' life, where I've reached those dreams that I didn't think would be possible specifically because of diabetes."

There was a lot of hopelessness in my life when I was younger. Not much confidence that I'd get very far, simply because of diabetes and the way I'd been so out of control for so long. I just didn't think it would be possible to ever reach my dreams - two of those dreams being a professional journalist and the other being married to an incredible woman who simply makes life worth living.

I didn't have dreams of world travel or mountain climbing or "doing the impossible," but rather just wanted to be like all of those other non-diabetics who were able to live a normal life. Simple enough, but it seemed at one point that both of those dreams and others were not reachable to me as a result of my health.

But I've reached those dreams. And I am living on, striving to accomplish and achieve more and reach for those stars that are still out there.

For the most part, I have a "normal" life that I'm proud of and wouldn't ever want to sacrifice.

All in spite of diabetes. Thank you very much.


Donna said…
And isn't that really what it's all about? I loved this post. Its what we work for EVERY day with Sugar Boy. To show him that despite D he can be a normal kid. To show him that D does not have to define him or limit him. I am glad he will have people like you to one day look to see that he can indeed have a 'Normal' life. :)
Cherise said…

Lovely, simple and sweet. Beautiful post. I am glad you were able to live a 'normal' life in spite of having diabetes.
Renata said…
Thumbs up...I love reading posts like this. Thanks Mike.
Anonymous said…
Well said Mike. A lot of hard work goes into having a "normal" life and it's an achievement worth acknowledging :)
Unknown said…
Thank you Donna said, this is what I want for Joe too. You and so many others in the DOC are great examples and resources for us to look to when we are feeling down and/or hopeless as type 3's.
Karen said…
Right on!!!! This post really spoke to me, because I vividly remember growing up and thinking I would never live past my 30s - and if I did I would have a load of complications. I just was resigned to the fact that that was how it was. But here I am, 42 years old and healthy. Cheers to you - for going farther than you thought you ever could too!!

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