Diabetic-Friendly Boxer Shorts

Do real diabetic men wear boxers or briefs?

Admit it: You really want to know.

Personally, I wear boxers most of the time.

It's a comfort choice. But sometimes, it comes down to where my insulin pump is attached to my body.

I often rely on the same real estate and go with my upper body - abdomen, arms, stomach - for pump sites. Way too often, I leave these sets in longer than what is FDA-recommended (Disclaimer: I'm no doctor or medical role model here...) When sites are tough to find and it's time for a new spot, I resort to leg sites.

Usually, I fall back to these areas when the above-mentioned locations are over-used and beat up. But I often feel restricted in my daily activities, like every move I make might rip a set out or dislodge a cannula. The dog isn't allowed to sit on my lap during these leg site periods, and I usually am more cautious about bending over or stretching that particular leg in a way that might spell site trouble.

My underwear choice also weighs into my decision-making each day when a leg site is in use. Briefs may leave a set more exposed to a pant leg and lead to irritation, so I go with boxers if there's any choice in the matter (laundry day sometimes presents a true challenge to this).

The looser, non-tight boxer shorts are my choice. These are what I describe as "Diabetic-Friendly Boxer Shorts." I can pull them up and access my leg more easily, either to disconnect the set or just get a quick glimpse of it to make sure all is OK.

Sometimes, it doesn't make a difference. My most recent leg site was proof of this: Had a D-Friendly pair of Boxer Shorts, but only got about 30 hours of the set attached to my site before I looked down and noticed it was bloody red. Nothing I'd done to cause it, just the way it is. So, I switched sites and went back to the trusty abdomen.

All while feeling nice and comfy in my D-Friendly Boxer Shorts.

So that's that. My response to the question of "Boxers or Briefs?"

Simply, it depends on the pump site spot and whether the laundry has been done!


Anonymous said…
This is off-topic, but couldn't find any other way to contact you.

I just wanted to congratulate you for your reasonableness on the CWD thread about the JDRF. A lot of people obviously didn't understand you, but that's their loss.

Keep on being an intelligent voice for the whole diabetes community!

Natalie ._c-
Well as a mom to a little boy I appriciate you educating us on the best underware :) My husband also type 1 isnt pumping so not an issue for him but glad to know!! I love your post by the way they always add some sunshine :)
Anonymous said…
I know I'm a little late in the conversation, but I have recently found the love handle area on my back to be a good site location. Plus it's completely fresh never touched real estate. It's a bit trickier if you use the silhouette vs the quick set, but with the quick set it's a good option when running out of real estate. Just a suggestion if you haven't tried it yet.
Sarah Jane said…
Mental images, Michael!! MENTAL IMAGES!!

No, I'm kidding. But seriously.

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