Happy Heart Day


Came home from work on Valentine's Day to a special Heart Day Gift:

#BluntLancet shirt, along with candlit Valentine champagne glasses & chocolate hearts!

This was the second #BluntLancet shirt, a result of the first one being the wrong size. CafePress was cool about it and offered to send a correctly-sized one, but also allowed us to keep the original! So, now we have two!

Below, you'll find my original Heart Day post as it was before this mail delivery update...

Total Carb Count = 80g

Yes, seriously. I'm not lying...

You may disagree, but for me, this milk chocolatey goodness is totally bolus-worthy!!!

Enjoy whatever treats you may enjoy or whoever your Valentine is for 2011.

Have a Happy Heart Day!


Donna said…
TOTALLY bolus-worthy!!!

ENJOY!!! :)
Unknown said…
Ahhhh....YUMMY!!! Maybe paired with a red wine -- hey, it could be DINNER!
Katie said…
Enjoy the shirt and the peanut butter heart. Yum!
Anonymous said…
Oh hell yeah, devour that choc heart!

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