Guest-posting on Groundhog Day

As it's Groundhog Day, you can find me visiting fellow D-Blogger Sarah Jane over at Sarahndipity. We had the chance to meet for the first time at the Roche Summit this past summer, and I was honored to have a post over there. So please, stop by and say hello!

This comes as we're bracing for what is being dubbed the Indiana ICEPOCALYPSE, or the national winter storm impacting a third of the country and hitting the Hoosier state particularly hard as far as ice and cold. Little snow in Central Indiana, like in Chicago or my hometown Southeast Michigan where they're tapped to get more than a foot of snow. But state government's been shuttered, federal offices and courts are closed, mail service postponed, schools and business closed, National Guard responding and shelters opened.

There's an inch of ice covering the tree in my front yard, and the grass is crispy icecycles that make the dog hesitant to go outside to do her business. As I write this later Tuesday afternoon, a freezing rain drizzle is coating my windows with a coat of ice on contact. Widespread power outages for a day or more are in the forecast as the winds pick up and ice-covered power lines are put in danger. Since we're a newer subdivision with power lines underground, our main worry is the fun fact that the electric boxes where these lines feed are strategically located at the two most accident-prone intersections nearby. The icy slick country streets should really help that along nicely... :(

At least this ICEPOCALYPSE came on my birthday Tuesday and gave me the chance to work from home. So that was nice.

We'll see what happens, but in the meantime I direct you over to Sarah Jane's spot where I'll spout off a little more about Groundhog Day. Who knows what the little furry Phil will see this year, but hopefully it's an end - sooner rather than later - of this crazy icy winter weather!

Oh, by the way: Please update your Blog Rolls as I've added my own domain name -> Simple, straightforward, easier to remember. And it's MINE. The old blogspot address will still bring you here and everything else is the same, just figured it was about time to join the bandwagon!


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