A Little #BluntLancet

A package arrived.

WOO HOO!! How very exciting!!!!

Opening it, this is what was inside.
We won't get into the shirt size discrepency issue...

And this.

Meter & Test Strips not included.

So, now I'm a groupie of the music phenomenon known as BluntLancet (#BluntLancet). And being a fan means I also support the Diabetes Hands Foundation.

Oh, my Riley Dog is also a fan who's ready for the Rythm & Bruise Tour!

Rock On, Riley!!!!


Unknown said…
HELLO ERROR 5!!!!!!!!

You haunt me.

Kelly Rawlings said…
\m/ \m/ (rock hand gesture)!
Donna said…
The coffee cup made me laugh out loud. =)

Cool loot!
Stephanie said…
Omg. I LOVE that stuff! My T1D son is 4, too young to appreciate it...but I certainly do!

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