Introducing Johnny Five

I have a Dexcom!

Yes, I'm now sporting my own little oval Continuous Glucose Monitor.

With that, I introduce you to my new friend who's taken on the name Johnny Five.

Yes, I name my D-devices - because if I must wear them with me all the time, then I might as well make it as fun as possible. This particular name comes from the fact that I'm an 80s movie fanatic and the Short Circuit movies are totally bolus-worth.

This isn't my first round at the Dexcom rodeo - I'd done a trial-test for a few weeks back in early 2010 and liked what I saw. Trial-tested the Navigator for a few days before that and then earlier this year used a loaner Minimed 523 for a few months before making a decision that the Dexcom could be a part of my life. There's pros and cons about each, and I say this one is better than nothing... so here we are on the grand ole CGM ride together.

Wearing Blue!!!
J5 arrived by UPS this past week, just in time for Blue Friday where we connected and posed for some photos. A full day at the office, then we went to a D-Camp gala on Friday night and had an "interesting" Low experience that evening - one that @TypeSuzi has already blogged about from her perspective.

Together with our friendly Minimed Paradigm 723 ("The Don of Rage Bolusing"), J5 and Crew are doing fantastical so far.

Mr. Johnny Five rests on my belt-line in a black leather case most of the day, and then when we get home J5 usually lounges on a nearby table or in my pocket before bedtime - when he strips off his case and sleeps on the nightstand. Ready to vibrate should I reach the higher-set level in the 200s.

Well, J5 caught the drop...
We are still on Sensor #1 and there's nothing to complain about. Trends are being caught, accuracy isn't all too bad most of the time, and overall I'm feeling more accountable in my D-Management and trying to not upset J5 and put him on a glucoaster ride. He hasn't had many ???s where he's basically said, "Malfunction. Need input." Nope, that's only happened once after I was cocooned in my bedspread and cutting off the transmitter signal.

So far, so good.

Hopefully, J5 can help me stay on track and get back to where I need to be and not dreading the Endo visit that I've been avoiding for way too long. Here's to a new day, with more input and a lower A1c down the road.


Kathy said…
You will learn to love it. But its important to double check any number that doesn't seem right. It happens all too often. I found the trend pattern to be the most useful part. Its so important to know what direction you are heading. Sometimes more than the actual number.
Kate Cornell said…
Johnny 5...Love it! (as long as he's not alive. :/) No disassemble!! I hope your new buddy works well and you get your desired results.
That sounds awesome. I am getting closer to thinking about a CGM device. I wish products were tested outdoors. Let me know if you do any outdoor activities with the CGM. I learned the hard way about the Omnipod not being outdoors safe and had to quit using it and go back to Animas to get back with a safe pump for the outdoors.
Kelly Booth said…
Congratulations on Johnny Five! I am sure you will love him.
None said…
Johnny Number Five! lol
Brian said…
May you and Johnny have fun together. (rumor has it there is a possible remake of SS in the works...)
Rachael said…
Congrats! You will love it! :D
Happy Thanksgiving!
Kelly said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice made my day! I have been reading your wonderful blog awhile since my little guy was diagnosed and I always smile when I see it pop up on my blog list. Hope you and your family had a great Thanksgiving!
shannon said…
do not disassemble! love it! best o' luck!
victoriacumbow said…
Yay for you! I love mine. It's mostly accurate and alerts me to lows before I feel them. Like right now in fact. :) Oh, and I name mine, too. But I think you already knew that.

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