Rinse and Repeat

Bolus. Eat. BG Monitoring to follow.

Rinse & Repeat.

Just like I have for a lot of years.

Simply enough, right?

Not so much for me, apparently. At least not lately.

My newest habit appears to be forgetting at least one of those two important parts, totally throwing off the third leg of that three-part routine.

The monitoring part doesn’t exactly turn out the way it should, thanks to the lack of one of those key influences that makes the numbers go up and down.

Usually, it’s the first.

Taking insulin for breakfast before I head out of the house in the morning, and then walking out the door and forgetting to grab the toast, pastry or mini-muffins I’ve already bloused for.

Bolusing ahead of time for that morning trip to Starbucks and then, upon seeing a long time-stealing line at the drive-in and being too lazy to go inside, I cancel the plan despite.

Planning to make up for my earlier forgetfulness by grabbing a vending machine snack at work, yet realizing I have no spare chance or dollar bills on hand. And then totally getting side-tracked once I make it to my desk.

And so many more examples.

Of course, sometimes it’s the second carb-consuming part.

The whole carb calculation and eating food” part plays out fine, but it’s the forgetting to actually push the pump buttons and make sure the insulin is delivered that is the issue. And then not realizing there’s been a dose until the high BG hours later.

We’re not talking rocket science or memorizing the periodic table here… it’s simple cause and effect (what’s with the science blog talk…???). Should be too tough, yet it’s a common occurrence in my own D-Live.

And probably many others.

I often read posts and hear parents of Children With Diabetes come down on themselves for forgetting in one of those two ways and then feeling all guilty. Like they’re the “worst parents in the world” and it’s like some crime they’ve committed.

Hey, it happens. To us all. No matter the age. So, CWD ‘rents: It’s no big deal. You haven’t lost your superhero-ness. You still rule. (as I reassure myself of this simultaneously).

So are the days of our D-Lives.

Now, I’m off to check my CGM and meter to see if I’ve managed to miss a bolus or carb consumption any time recently…

Rinsing & Repeating.


Jonah said…
Just because you do it doesn't make it no big deal. I've had some of my worst hypos by injecting for food and then getting distracted... fortunately the CGMS is fairly useful as a reminder. And forgetting to bolus will definitely increase glycemic variability and A1c.
I will admit to making those same mistakes sometimes- my newest common mistake seems to be leaving insulin and/or syringes at home when going to work and occasionally I make the huge mistake of packing too few (or no!) fast acting carbs. When that's happening, it does me some good to buy a lot of candy to leave around (because of extra hypos while forgetful), be a little bit more conservative with corrections, and write down what I'm doing (which for you pumpers is probably not even an issue).
Jasmine said…
The string of expletives which comes out of my mouth when I start eating without bolusing would make a sailor blush! Fortunately, I've never forgotten for too long....
I love how you describe it as a three-part routine, like a stool with three legs that won't stand up on its own with just two.
George said…
I have forced myself to use the "Missed Bolus" alarm on my pump. It actually has helped.
Sometimes we get into crazy habits and do crazier stuff. I have bolused and forgot to eat as well.
Moira said…
It might sound crazy but . . . it makes me feel better to hear that a person as together as yourself has this situation too. I try to understand when my daughter get into that funk. I wish I could help find a way to makae this all easier for all of you. Alas!

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