Mountain Peaks and Ski Slopes

I’ve never been a fan of skiing.

Cold weather isn’t my favorite, and I have no desire to climb toward the sky and then pretend I’m a snowball and plummet down a hill.

But the body apparently doesn’t agree with the mind. Or maybe my CGM didn’t get the memo.

It seems that my new Dexcom CGM (aka Johnny 5) is a fast fan of the ski slopes and mountainous terrain, evidenced by these snapshots from a recent 24-hour period.

Made it up to the very Highest peaks.

Broader Mountain View

Jumping Off The Mountain Edge

Time to ski down the slope...

A "smooth" path ahead, at least.

And J5 isn't lying. Well, at least not most of the time. About the trends.

The One Touch meter confirms it: there’s some internal body action going on, in the mountain-jumping and slope-riding sense. Apparently, that must mean my opposition to skiing is in the mind alone. The body and BGs don’t seem to agree, and are hitting the slopes every chance they get.

They appear to climb up High to get some kind of sugar-rush of just being up there. Then, my BGs dive down toward the ground all too quickly – sometimes not even telling me they’re stepping off the edge for the free fall.

A little off, but dipping down...

This usually happens in the evenings and night times, but periodically near the lunch-hour. They seem to cruise along at a safe and steady pace during the daytime hours, plotting the next mountain climbing and ski slope adventure.

Luckily, I’ve been able to catch myself before hitting the ground at full force – thanks to J5 and my other D-Management tools. Maybe, in a metaphoric sense, those gadgets and devices are like skis, equipping me with some ability to navigate the Ups and Downs and magically dodge the trees and obstacles that come flying toward me on the ride down.

Hmm. This can’t be luck. Maybe, there’s something else going on here. 

(Looks down at feet to see if there are giant test strips strapped to my feet. Nothing there, but  what is that there on the floor near my shoe...????)

Could it be? A little mini ski….!?!?!?)

Maybe I'm a skier after all.


Judi said…
So glad that your Dex is helping!
Mike said…
That would make an AWESOME roller coaster!
Unknown said…
Oh, man....I'm so thankful we aren't the only ones with such high flying Dex screens. The past couple weeks have been utterly obnoxious with high BG's. We've got a handle on them at the moment...but I feel like I'm still holding my breath.

I'd much rather be skiing. And I've never done it ;)
Jonah said…
Sometimes I have a newish sensor that exaggerates and looks like that when my real blood sugar variation is no worse than 50 to 250, and I sometimes make the mistake of trying to treat off the Dexcom readings and make it worse. Oops!
michael said…
I am type 1 too. Its nice to read your opinion on this issue so close to my heart. The day i came to know about my health condition i decided not to let it affect my day to day life. I choose to live my life to the fullest. I exercise daily and eat healthy. I also replaced sugar with this natural sweetener called Natvia

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