Winds of Change

A building is nestled at the heart of the city.

Driving into town, you see it standing there taller than others on the skyline.

Tall, strong, proud, confident, capable.

Even if it would rather blend in and not be noticed.

On its face, you can’t tell how the building feels inside.

One moment is bright, happy, radiated by sunlight.

Next it’s dim, depressed, gloomy as clouds above darken the view.

Every moment changes, as the wind blows and the clouds pass by overhead.

Hope with the sunshine, depression with the clouds. The two become one.

Soon, the clouded-view can't be escaped even when the sky is blue and the sun is everywhere.

Below, traffic moves on without noticing the shifting clouds above. Noise continues, traffic lights change, life moves on.

Even as the wind blows and the clouds dance on.

You may see a building standing tall. Strong. Sturdy. Withstanding the wind, even with the clouds occasionally interfering. But the wind is ever-present on the building’s face, in the soul.

Only those who are inside the building know that it shakes and tremors, and just wants to crumble. Yet, the building tries to hide it's true feelings out of fear of inadequacy, rejection, shame.

Someday, it may fall. Unless the structure's reinforced.

Where's the breaking point? No one knows. Not even the building.

It just goes on, each day. Enduring the wind, the clouds, the traffic passing by.

Only time will tell if the building has what it takes to withstand the winds of change.


Kate Cornell said…
Beautifully written Mike. Thank you.
Jess said…
this is beautiful, mike. we've all been there. thanks for sharing. hang in there!
Kelly Booth said…
That was really beautiful Mike.
shannon said…
pretty heavy stuff. thanks for sharing.
Lilly said…
I'm assuming this is what having diabetes feels like for you . . . nicely written, and well said!

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