Enough Said

Totally don't care what the carb-count on this is...

It's damn hot outside, demonstrated by my recent Tweet on Thursday:

"Mental image of vanilla ice cream cone (from fair earlier in the week) melted into a messy puddle as I stepped outside into the 100+ degree heat. Total buzz killer."

So, stay cool. Enjoy some ice cream BECAUSE YOU CAN (assuming it hasn't melted in your hand or dish because of an extreme heat wave...)

Avoid those ice-cream haters and blamers.

Oh, and have a Happy Friday and good weekend. Peace out.


Meagan said…
LOL, Loved this post Mike. :) Yes. We. Can! Enjoy that ice cream!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
We had "last night of swim lessons, great job jumping off the diving board" ice cream last night.

Because (a) yes she CAN swim, and (b) yes she CAN eat ice cream :)
Sue Rericha said…
Now you have me craving ice cream at 7 am! I think hubby and I need a date night... hmm... Should we go out for ice cream? I think so!
Unknown said…
Ha! We are roasting over here in VT. I think we need a "Last Day Of Hockey Camp" ice cream tonight. Whadda you think?

Have a great w/e!
Lora said…
Wishing you a great weekend too. Stay cool!
shannon said…
YES! *fist pump*
Kelly Booth said…
I bought some today also. All this talk about ice cream this week and the horrible heat, I had to.
Natalie said…
I saw your response over on Kelly Kunik's blog, and then to see your picture really made my day! :-) Thanks for being an active voice for the diabetes community, both Type 1 and 2! :-)

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