My Patriot Pump Says: "Happy Birthday, U.S.A"

It's Independence Day in the United States of America.

And so, my Patriotic Pump has a message:
Happy Birthday, U.S.A.

Displaying again the patriotic skin first shown a few weeks ago on Flag Day, my Minimed 722 is being all deja vu-like and recycling some of the thoughts from that day.

Cool cover created by Medtronic's SkinIt.

Here's another view...

All in the palm of your hand.

 And another...

With stove and egg timer in background...
And so it is (again).

On the evening of July 3, we spent time with two group of friends both outside and inside our neighborhood.  One neighbor wasn't familiar with my Type 1 diabetes, but we ended up discussing paramedics visiting our home - (it's happened, from time to time). That led to a general D-101 talk about carb counting and pump use, and I was able to show off my American Flag-decorated insulin pump. It stole the show, and impressed all.

So, it was a great day of fun and fireworks festivity and freedom celebration, as well as some D-Awareness to the neighbors!!!

So, with that, I leave you with this properly-themed quote to end the post:

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety."
 - Benjamin Franklin, shortly before Feb. 17, 1775 as found in his notes for a proposition at the Pennsylvania Assembly.

Important words, Mr. Franklin. Thank you. Now. I just hope we listen...

Happy Fourth of July.


Lora said…
Happy 4th to you :)
Meagan said…
Happy 4th! Love the American Flag pump deco!!! :D

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