A Patriotic Pump

Tuesday is Flag Day.

And I almost forgot about it... But I didn't.

So, this is the chance to show off an awesome skin cover for my Minimed insulin pump.

Cool cover created by Medtronic's SkinIt.

Here's another view...

All in the palm of your hand.

 And another...

With stove and egg timer in background...
And so it is.

This is one of many options that existed for a pump skin cover, but weighing all the options and realizing this skin would pretty much be visible to everyone - even strangers - most of the time (since I wear my pump on my belt), the patriotic design is what I went with.

So, my trusty Mimimed 722 (a.k.a. The Don of Rage Bolusing) gets to show off the patriotism online, just as is now done each and every day as it hovers on my belt-line. Being all "U.S.A., U.S.A." and such.

There you have it.

Happy Flag Day.

And upcoming Fourth of July, in like four weeks.


Lilly said…
This is kind of cool. Didn't know the Minimed actually had skin covers! Maybe I can surprise my husband with one.
Unknown said…
HA!!! Love the skin Michael! And the "Don Of RAGE Bolusing"...
Heidi / D-Tales said…
The Don of Rage Bolusing - ha ha! :)

I dig the patriotic skin, too. :)
Sandy said…
Great skin! I thought about getting one for Vince but he uses the holster and I didn't know if it would be visible. I see you use the holster too so it IS visible! Nice!
Lora said…
And a happy flag day to you!!!
Holly said…
You are SO patriotic-I love it! : ) You are my hero!
How did church go Sunday? Still praying for you! : )

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