From A Land Down Under

The third Roche Social Media Summit is here, this time out in San Diego. I'm honored to again be a part of an incredible group from the Diabetes Online Community and talk about things that are important for this little world of ours, and way beyond. And, of course, just some awesome fun in what's pretty much a huge D-Meetup with people from all across the country at Roche's expense. So, in my stead, I bring in my friend Simon from Australia, who does some amazing writing over at Diabetes Daily. I invite you to read what he's penned here, then visit him over at DD for a chance to read some majestic writing that is sure to capture your heart and soul.

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 Sitting in my living room and contemplating this post my mind starts to wander..

I think of the past. I think of endless medical appointments, the pain, the confusion and the acute loneliness.


My first impression of diabetes. The endless routine of fingersticks, injections and lab work. Treating mind numbing lows and trying to lower unexplained highs.Swings and roundabouts, twists and turns all leading me on an apparent path to oblivion, to lectures from endocrinologists and blank stares from friends.

And then, out of nowhere...connection. My mind jolts back into the present. To a community of strangers here in the DOC. To folk who understand and make sense of the madness.

The routine remains and the confusion that is diabetes still persists but now I am surrounded by friends and fellow warriors. I think of the generosity of folk like Mike who have gone out of their way to bring me in from the cold. From a life of loneliness to one of purpose and meaning.

The diabetes online community is bringing together people of like needs and desires. We come together to share a joke, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen and in the process are transformed.

Each day I am energized by the prospect of interacting with my online friends and boldly book flights to visit American "strangers" who have changed my life.....


Holly said…
We're super thankful for the online community-and they are SO supportive!
Look forward to seeing you at Diabetes Daily! : ) HOlly
Sandy said…
Yes, they do make it easier. I would love to meet a few people in person but who knows if that will ever happen. But knowing them on here, the doc, is so comforting.
Amy@Diapeepees said…
Very thoughtful. Hope you enjoy your trip. Will check out your blog.
Meagan said…
Simon, I couldn't agree more, the DOC changed my life. I felt so alone for sixteen years, but luckily found the DOC about seven months ago. The change in my attitude is amazing. I am so glad you are embracing the DOC! Have a wonderful time at the summit. Great to meet you on Mike's Blog!!! :)

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