Splendidly Suitable

We went out for breakfast one morning recently.

As with many places, this particular breakfast establishment had a trio of sugar substitutes sitting on the table along with that white packet of plain old sweet sugar.

A pink one. Another blue. A third one yellow.

One Sweet N' Low. Another Equal. And one splendidly Splenda.

Only one contained these words:

"Suitable for people with diabetes."

Now, I have no clue as to whether the others are or are not just as "suitable" for People With Diabetes. I'm not even really sure What The Fructose (see what I did there...!?!?!) that even means. But I examined them all, and the Splenda was the only one that said it. So I swiped it and took it home.

I'm not one to even use sugar substitutes - or anything for that matter - in my coffee or beverages. I just thought it was funny. And worth writing about. Having no opinion about the science or safety or validity of any of the three, and putting my endorsement behind none of them, I point to this message instead:

We should all just be splendid to each other. That's a suitable style way to live for anyone. Diabetic or not.

(Is that like Bill and Ted, saying "Be Excellent To Each Other...?)
Well, anyway. Sounds like a good message to end the week on, to me.

The rest: I leave for you to interpret with your own sweetness of the mind.


Anonymous said…
We are thinking alike! I wrote about artificial sweeteners this week too.


I don't know if they are completely "suitable" for my child with diabetes, but I've learned I have to give in a little here and there.
Meagan said…
Your "What the Fructose" part really cracked me up. I use Splenda every single day and I had no idea it even said that?!?! Thanks for sharing. Love the Bill & Ted reference!!! :)
Sandy said…
Funny! What the fructose!!! I am sooo gonna use that one lol

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