My Wife Is Awesome

A coworker of my wife recently approached her at the office.

"So, Suzi, I have a question: Can Mike really EAT sugar and sweets, and those types of thing?"

Her response: "Of course, why wouldn't he be able to?"

"Well, he's diabetic..."

Suzi: "Ah. Well, he can eat whatever he wants. He just has to dose insulin for it. But yes, he can eat whatever he wants..."

My quick-witted wife added, "Unless it's laced with poison."

Hearing this story at home, I beamed proudly. What. An. Awesome. Type 3.

: )


Cara said…
You're right. Your wife is awesome. :)
Jen said…
That is awesome indeed! You are a lucky guy!
Donna said…
HAHA. Great response! I have a feeling your wife and I would get along rather well. ;o)
Alexis Nicole said…
She rocks! And clearly as the same sense of humor as you lol. Love it!
Unknown said…
Love your wife! Love Joanne's video. Makes me laugh every time I see it.
Yay Suzi! That's my favorite quote of Joanne's without a doubt.

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