My DWife's Unplanned Encounter

You never know when an unplanned D-Meetup may happen.

Today, my D-Wife writes about a random encounter she just had with a Type 1. This all came about thanks to some of the "war wounds" my loving spouse endured thanks to one of my scary night-time Lows earlier this year. This wasn't an example of Aliens, Apple Cider & Honey, as has happened before, but some other weird nonsensical hypo scenario that appears to only happen in our crazy world... Not fun, but it is what it is.

Anyhow, she's blogged about this latest encounter over at her online spot dubbed Laughter & Tears.

While I often ramble about how these other Type 1s actually do exist out there in real life, she's had much less exposure to them and often thinks I may be imagining these people.

Well, here's to bolstering my case! We Persons With Diabetes appear in the strangest places, as others have written about before. Always interesting when our paths cross... and you never know - we may soon have another recruit for the ever-expanding Diabetes Online Community!

So, go ahead and visit, and drop a comment her way!


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