Sometimes, you're just hungry

"I'm hungry."

Well, what is your blood test?


That's not Low enough for you to be hungry.

"But I am."

That's also not High enough for you to be craving food.. You know, if you're body is trying to trick you into thinking your hungry when in actuality you are not hungry."

"It's higher than I thought I'd be based on how hungry I am, but it's not too bad. A small correction. But I'm still hungry"

There's no reason you should be. It's not lunch time yet.

"I didn't eat any breakfast and really just snacked some last night after a smaller dinner. All I've had this morning is coffee. Maybe I'm just hungry..."

No, your diabetes must be trying to trick you. Wait for lunch.

"I don't wanna. I'm so hungry."

No, you're not. Just drink more coffee.

"Sometimes, I might just be hungry. I am going to drink more coffee, but I'm going to eat something too."

Whatever. Eat what you'd like. Just make sure to correct for the 213, and dose for the carbs you eat.

"That's the plan, Stan."

Who the heck is Stan? Why don't you ever listen to me? Do you think I'm Stan, and that's why you ignore me...

"Shut up."

Fine.... Ooooh! Pumpkin brownies!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!


This was the conversation I had with myself Tuesday morning while working. In the end, I won! Got to eat a snack about two hours before lunch. And that fought off the crazy inside-the-mind rambling that otherwise might have continued... :))

A D-Life is often about diabetes, but sometimes it's not. Sometimes, you're just hungry. Or thirsty. Or tired. Or whatever. Life can be just that - life. Shining through the diabetic clouds, for better or worse.


Renata said…
Awesome. I do get that from Marty, "no honestly Mom...I'm just hungry"

I love the self dialog!
Kelly said…
I thought I was the only one that has these conversations with myself. :) LOL
Scott S said…
Yes, it's true: not every bodily function or emotion is diabetes-related. One of the unappreciated issues is the fact that we are taught to believe (or at least we come to believe given everything we ARE taught about diabetes) that everything somehow must be related to glycemic control, which is psychologically damaging and may contribute towards depression. That has no connection to glycemic control, yet scientists remain perplexed that depression rates are higher in PWDs. Thanks for the post!!
I was thinking that the whole way through - that you must just be hungry. :)
SarahK said…
LOL! This is SO true! I have these conversations in my head all the time. Sometimes we are just hungy/thirsty/tired/whatever.
Scott Strange said…
LOL, glad to see someone else talks to themselves. Somedays it's the only intelligent conversation I have
Danielle said…
I find myself asking my three year old that. "Are you low? Or are you just hungry?"
Jonah said…
My deal is, if I think I'm hungry and I still think I'm hungry fifteen minutes later, it's time to eat. Who cares if it's the high? I'm hungry.

The biggest problem I have is:
Am I five units of hungry or twenty units of hungry?
Briley said…
I feel like a lot of us have been feeling something to this effect lately. Basically "it" feels like diabetes, but it just isn't. It's part of being a human. And that's frustrating!! Good for you for overpowering your diabetes brain!
Teena said…
LOL Love your blog! I also sometimes have conversations with myself with regards to "hunger or low" ...debating, arguing, reasoning... Thank God Im not alone!

ps. err...maybe you should make sure you're alone when you do so....wink =) ..
Type1RockStar said…
this must be what it's like talking to myself! lol love the blog
Cheri said…
Very cute! You know, I will share with you that, as a highly insulin resistant PWD, unexplained and gnawing hunger is a symptom of my BG going high. As long as I am in range, I don't experience much hunger. Once in a while, if I go low, I will experience hunger - but it's very different from the gnawing hunger when I'm high. I know there must be a physiological explanation for this - wish I understood it. .

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