Too Much On The Mind

Today is Friday. I have a lot on my mind.

But too much to write about or even comprehend.

So in my stead, I give you Shadow.

Yes, that is pump tubing on my head. No. I'm NOT happy about it.

Taking a break from her Plotting for World Dominiation, Shadow imitates what this coffee-saturated and sleep-depraved week of deadlines is doing to me. Some diabetes, much is not. Too much going on, too little time to process it. Tapping my energy, stealing my words, blocking my writing mind. So that's all.

See you Monday.


Unknown said…
Have a nice weekend and come back renewed :)
Unknown said…
What the heck is on Shadow's head?
Meri said…
I'm not a cat person, but I gotta say, you made me laugh.

Have a great weekend!
Karen said…
Ha, so cute!! I can't even get pump tubing anywhere NEAR K.C. without her trying to chew on it. Hey, maybe I'll do a K.C. post today in response.

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