Semi-Organized Rambling

My name is Michael Westen, and I used to be a spy.

No, wait. That's not exactly right. At least I got one part of it correct: My name is Michael.

It's Friday. That means it's a perfect time for some bullet points to tie all my random thoughts together into one semi-organized blog post. Hey, at least we can pretend. Here we go:
  • You May Have Missed It: But something called the Special Diabetes Program got Congressional attention this week, renewed at $150 million in federal funding for another two years through 2013. The Senate passed HR 4994 on Wednesday and the House followed on Thursday. Though the news headlines reflect how this legislation delayed doctors' Medicare cuts to the tune of 25%, the D-aspect of this legislation didn't get much attention. But it deserves coverage, because this means continued federal funding for Type 1 research and some other D-Management funding for at-risk minority populations.
  • DOC Awards: The nominations are announced. In my opinion, the ENTIRE DOC deserves an award of some kind, because every single person who Tweets or blogs or emails or just interacts makes this community what it is. You all make me smile, laugh, cry, fume with anger, write my own responses, form opinions, educate, entertain… Yes, I am just listing various adjectives because they all apply! I’ll expand on this a little more before long, but please don’t forget to cast a survey vote in the various categories before Dec. 31.
  • All I can say is #BluntLancet. The Band. You know it. Live it. Love it.
  • The JDRF sent me a Christmas card. No, actually - it's a Season's Greetings card. Sends the best holiday wishes and it's signed by the Powers That Be over at the now 40-year old organization. A nice gesture, that made me feel all smiley inside.
  • Today is my holiday party at work. A pitch in lunch starting at 11:30am, followed by fun and festivities and a snapshot of the past year's business. Some prizes will likely be given out as usual and the annual gathering means a half-day in the office, too. So more time to interactivewith the DOC the rest of the day!
  • Our Christmas D-Tree is up at home! But the Vlog isn’t yet complete, so stay tuned for that down the road…. In the meantime, feel free to reflect on the 2009 Diabetic Christmas Tree in the Hoskins Household. I also leave you with the thoughts that: Hollywood’s best known and lesser-known actors and actresses kick up the holiday spirit in the 25 Days of Christmas on ABC Family and also on the Lifetime Channel. I’ve recently admitted to the Facebook World that I am a fan of these flicks, and the truth remains. Live with it. They are feel-good flicks, but do mark the season.
 That's it. Have a fun Friday and weekend. See you next week!


Unknown said…
Have fun at the party Mike!
Kim said…
Blunt Lancet for life!

(Thanks for the shout-out.) :)

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