Christmas Cookies and Poetry

As Christmas Eve comes around and paves the way for Christmas Day, a tradition in our house is to set out some Christmas Cookies on the night before.

You know, in case a Big Jolly Fat Man in a White Beard and Red Attire shows up for a visit. No, not Wilford Brimley and his diabeetus. We're talking about the stealthy ninja known as Santa Claus.

Of course, diabetes is a stealthy stalker, too, so we must be reay for both Santa and one of those middle-of-the-night Blood Sugar drops that can strike the seasonal slumber. So, we put out these cookies, gingersnaps (for GingerNinjas???), a glass of white milk, and of course a handy apple juice just in case we need a boost... Maybe if I'm up treating a Low with some Christmas Carby Goodness, I can even catch a Meetup with Santa for a snack, and hit him up for any free blood meter strips, pump supplies or CGM sensors he might have in that magic Christmas Bag of his.

While we wait to see if that Santa D-Meetup comes to be, I leave you with an Xmas Eve poem:

Twas late in the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a Puppy or Kitty is stirring, nor is my spouse.
My blood sugar's steady at one-hundred-and-three
And there won't be a need to wake up about 3.
The wife is all nestled snug in our bed,
With visions of No Paramedics or Reactions dancing hopefully in her head.
We'll sleep well in knowing that Low Sugars won't be,
But if that should happen, Christmas Cookies for me..
Then Christmas will come and the fun will begin,
Before the day's worth of D-care starts over again.

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night...."


HVS said…
Merry Christmas to you guys.(wow,those cookies & milk look good,I wouldn't need a reaction to enjoy eating all of them!Hope the juice isn't necessary for the middle-of-the night snack)
Hope Santa will bring you a CGM this year.
Unknown said…
Loved the part about your wife and the paramedics Mike!

Merry Christmas!...I hope the "103" holds. I just checked Joe and darn it...he is 327! Looks like a long night will be in store for Mr and Mrs. Claus in my home.

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