Blood Meter Stole My Socks

Recently, my blood meter stole my socks.

Yes, that’s correct - you aren’t reading that incorrectly. Here, I’ll explain.

The Mystery of the Missing Socks began like this...

Getting dressed for work one day, I resorted to my routine of scanning some online activity while putting on my black socks and shoes in preparation for that day’s beginning.

I realized that I hadn’t tested before my shower that morning as usual. So, I turned my attention to a blood test. My black handheld blackberry-sized case was sitting in the usual spot on the half divider-wall at the top of the stairs, so I stood up and made my way over there to test. Test came back just above 100 mg/dL, and a sense of triumph enveloped my mind as I walked my sockless feet back to where I’d been sitting.

Scanned more headlines, emails, updates, and tweets. Then realized, I couldn’t find my socks. They weren’t on my feet. Not in hand. Not underneath the laptop now back on my lap. Not on the floor. Or table next to me. At the top of the stairs next to my blood meter. Not on the carpeted stairs, maybe a casualty of gravity catching hold.

Nope. Still nowhere to be found. I searched for about five minutes, retracing my earlier steps and trying to pinpoint where they might be. To no avail.

Suzi wasn’t home, so he wasn’t the culprit. The dog was curled up in a ball on the nearby couch, indicating she hadn’t taken them. Cat was in hiding somewhere, so I pinned it on her.

They’d either gotten up and run away, or this was the work of the mischievous cat putting her World Domination Plan into motion with this strategic sock theft.

Oh well. I finally gave up and retrieved another pair from the top dresser drawer in my closet. Emerging from said closet, I put the newly-retrieved spare socks on my feet and covered them with my shoes before giving my tie some attention and setting out for the start of the workday.

Of course, THAT’S when I found the missing socks.

Apparently, in my haste to test my blood sugar, I managed to put them down next to my blood meter case and then proceeded to open said blood meter case and cover up the nearby socks. As both are black, they blended together and were hidden to the quickly passing eye.

So yes. My blood meter really did steal my socks.

No, I didn't use this as an excuse for being late to work or not having my deadline-assignment completed on time. But if it wasn't for diabetes...
At least I was able to solve the Mystery of the Missing Socks, this time.


Kaitake said…
Hahaha, go meter! :P
Cara said…
That even better than "My dog ate my homework"! :)
Karen said…
See, and you blamed poor Shadow even though the cat wasn't even in the room!!
Anonymous said…
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