Did Someone Say Fire...?

Meetups are always an exciting, much-anticipated happening in the Diabetes Community. So when the chance arose for one of those here in the Indianapolis area, my ears perked up and I made plans to participate.

This time, the D-Meetup comes on World Diabetes Day - this Sunday, Nov. 14, 2010. Via the JDRF Advocacy folk at the national level, which is hosting the first-ever Type 1 Talk. Dozens of these local meetup events are happening across the country that afternoon, and on top of the meet-and-greets and get-togethers the JDRF will be holding a live online Q&A discussion from 3 to 4 p.m. EST. Some of the topics touch on research, technological advances, advocacy efforts, and the benefits of the Diabetes Online Community.

If you're attending an event or not going to one but want to access the broadcast online at 3 p.m. EST, you can find it at http://takeaction.jdrf.org/site/R?i=0MvuvbdYwRFr-5YGaFA2mA. If you are unable to access the online broadcast, you can listen by phone by calling toll-free 866-371-3788. International callers can dial 703-643-6855. (NOTE: You should choose phone or USTREAM to participate in the broadcast).

Two are setup in the Indy area - one in Fishers that's more family-focused; the other an Adult Type 1 oriented meetup. The latter is the one I'm attending and helped setup, and a core few of us back in late September coordinated the logistics on where it would happen.

A month ago, a conflict came up and the original meeting spot was a No Go. So, we started searching for a new place. Libraries, conference rooms, office buildings either weren't available or charged a fee that we just didn't want to fork over. Our Plan A was out, and it appeared that what was supposed to be Plan B wasn't going to pan out. But a local pizza place offered a roof where this small but involved group of Adult Type 1s could gather. This became Plan C. Word went out, and people responded with interest about wanting to be a part of it. Even the local JDRF Chapter and lcoal ADA Chapter offered thoughts, about how we all could work together toward common goals and even how we could enhance the Indy-area efforts through the DOC. All was in place and everything was set, in the week and days leading up to this D-Meetup.

Some spoke of excitement that there'd be new and old meetups, recognized faces and those who'd come together for the first time. Rumor even surfaced that video cameras might be on the scene, leading to a possible new SugaSheen-style creation... (No confirmation has been available on this by deadline for this blog post, though.) Needless to say, anticipation is high.

But then fire ignited. Literally.

The pizzeria we were set to gather at is located in a stip mall up on the northside of Indianapolis in Carmel, near a Dunkin Donuts store. In the early morning hours on what was recognized as Veteran's Day, a fire began in the donut shop and eventually spread to the larger strip mall. Some businesses were burned down, others damaged, others just saturated with smoke. I recognized the street where the strip mall is located, and quickly realized that our Donato's Pizza was now closed.

Son of a....

Plan C became a scramble to coordinate Plan D.

Tweeting this, some offered suggestions. Before long, Plan D was formed by the Diabetics.

We wouldn't let something like a fire get in the way of our own fire of excitement.
Turns out, another Donato's Pizza isn't that far away. So instead of being where we had been, a new location is reserved at 75th and Shadeland on the northside. (If you are interested in attending: please check out the Facebook Application Page here for more details.) Outside the Indy area, hope you've been able to find a meetup or at least find some time to watch the live UStream being broadcast that afternoon.

This is an exciting worldwide event and I'm very excited to be a part of it. At the suggestion of our community Ninjabetic, I've been wearing my Blue Circle Pin recognizing World Diabetes Day and the month of Diabetes Awareness and have had some interesting encounters and questions. Even today, which I'll write about as time allows before long! Even on Friday morning, it's exciting here in Indianapolis to be a part of this - the Eli Lilly corporate fountain is blue, Roche is being all blue in human form, and so many people out on the streets are just wearing blue (Now admittedly: this is Indianapolis, home of the Colts, and it's typically Blue Friday here anyhow... but whatever. This is my blog and I'm allowed to dream this city is all united for diabetes!)

I'm intrigued by the D-Talk, but mostly I'm excited about the D-Meetup. A half-dozen have said they plan to be there, while we could bring in a little more than a dozen if others who've expressed interest are able to stop by. Aside from this happening on Sunday, monuments will be lit up in blue while other events are scheduled nationally to highlight WDD. You can find global activities here. Many fellow D-Bloggers are writing about activities and events, but you can find good information over at Amy's DiabetesMine.

On Sunday, make sure at 2 p.m. (Your Local Time) to take part in the Big Blue Test. And if you haven't yet watched it (today or anytime), please take less than 2 minutes to check out this video below. Your view will help donate life-saving insulin to a child who needs it.


Unknown said…
Glad you guys got a Plan "D" (lol...kind of ironic.."D") rolling Mike!
Steve said…
When you mentioned fire yesterday, I thought little fire. This was not little. Hope it all turns out well on Sunday. Franca and I will be on the other side of the internet watching too.

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