The Presidential Path to 2012

I don't post about politics all too much, but surely I have my opinions and this is one of those times that it's not only timely and appropriate, but necessary to write about politics.

That's because the Midterm Election is now complete, and the Road to 2012 is taking shape.

As we move on in the coming months with a Lame Duck Session (quack quack) and then into the latter half of this four-year presidential cycle with a new Congressional lineup, the political pundits say (quack) that the divided legislature means more (quacking) will be needed for bipartisanship and compromise.

With that, I declare that we should focus specifically on the 2012 race and forget about those politicians who might be in the running already. Rather, we should focus on a unifier, who can unite no matter what way the fickle public and always-changing political winds are blowing.

Our new presidential candidate for 2012: Riley, the D-Dog. Puppy for President.

You know it's the right move. Every dog has his or her day, and this will prove just that while doing our country a great service.

I mean, seriously... Look at those eyes! How could we NOT vote for this pup to take leadership of our country????

If you think about it, she's really a good fit. Riley is all about love, and loves everyone unconditionally and demonstrates this by wagging her tail. She isn't very fond of politics, but certainly knows how to get a bone or - in high-stakes situations, a piece of cheese.

When those shady folks in Congress or anywhere else cause trouble, she won't hesitate to growl at them. But as long as they stop their trickery, she'll soon turn to kissing them affectionately.

And at the end of a tough day where both Republicans or Democrats or Tea Drinkers or Tight Wads or Libby Hippy Folk are barking up a storm, Riley just has to be herself and poke them with her cold, wet nose to impose some sense about whatever the situation might be. THAT'S what we really need in Washington...!

Not the Sarah Palins, Mike Huckabees or Romneys, Mitch Daniels, or any other career politician. We need something more than a hockey mom or pig with lipstick. A puppy is the way to go. You betcha, it is!

But politics aside, this would also be a great idea for the Diabetes Community since Riley is an avid supporter of Diabetes Awareness. You know, because her daddy is a Type 1 diabetic. Already, Riley's campaigning and grass roots advocacy is above par: She's put her paws to the pavement for JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Raised money for research. Sported D-attire to promote the cause. And is a regular contributor to this very blog. Practically, she can sense Lows and often tries to comfort when blood sugars plummet. And on policy, she supports World Diabetes Day and wouldn't get confused about the fact that Type 1 diabetics require insulin, not a "lifetime of regular medication" as our current Presidential Proclamation says. Sure - insulin is medication. But to me, this fuels the fire that so many believe diabetes of any type isn't all that serious and can be managed by watching what you eat or exercising a little more. That's the case in some cases of Type 2, not Type 1 - my puppy knows this, and would represent the community well. (C'mon, White House, please get it right - particularly since it's November!)

Another point is that she'd probably be on the patients' side when it comes to health care policy, unlike what another potential prez pick could offer. Many Republicans who've now taken back the U.S. House and some of those in the Senate have promised to block as much of the health-care law as possible. That doesn't help, as some of the more moderates have been tossed and the possibility of less compromise exists. On the heels of all that, we need some of that puppy love to enage our lawmakers after the next two years.

See! What a great platform and pick for president!

Assuming you're a registered voter and cast a recent ballot in November 2010, we know ask for your support in the coming 2012 election. We need a puppy for president. Oh, and who might be the Vice President Contender, you ask?!?!?!

Well, if it were up to me: I'd nominate the Shadow Cat, Siah, or one of the others Plotting World Domination. Because you never when the plotting may come to be, and we'll need those cats like Siah and Shadow to be our alliese. Dogs can't do it alone.

For more puppy presidential propoganda to feed your dreams of true Hope & Change, I urge you to watch for my upcoming guest-blog post on Thursday at Bradley & Me where you can read even more about how Riley does all she can to help those around her - including diabetics who might go Low and need some assistance. See, that's the kind of leadership I think all of us People With Diabetes can embrace!


Judi said…
Riley has my vote. She's sure better than the choices we have now.
Unknown said…
LOVE IT Mike!!! Riley it is with a feline side-kick for sure.
Mike Durbin said…
I'm Mike Durbin, and I endorse Riley, The D Dog, for president and Shadow, the cat, for vice president.

Vote D Pets in 2012!!!

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