A Diabetic's Christmas Tree

Well, this year marked a change in the Hoskins Household. Rather than following my motto that we must wait until December to put any Christmas decorations up, we opted to put up the tree and everything on Thanksgiving night. By the end of the weekend, everything was up. We even moved it around and opted to place things in different places this year. And we even painted the kitchen. All around productive four-day weekend.

Of course, in the true diabetic spirit, our tree also sports everything a great diabetic tree should:

A sugar-free chocoloate M&M, next to a sugar-free candy cane (Suzi may argue that this is a good ole-fashioned sugar-saturated candy delight and she may win that one, as there are two other M&Ms that can rightfully be claimed as no-sugars.)

Pump tubing tinsel, hanging without worry of being yanked loose by a jumping dog or sneaky doorknob.

A Mug O' Beer, in honor of my Oaken Barrel mug. A light beer, which has fewer carbs to count.

A Green Pickle, a tribute to the real Green Pickle pantoon boat. And it isn't sweetened, so it costs less in carb-counting!

Nearby, the Christmas Kitten (Shadow) guards in a purring slumber all the tree goodies against those mouse-like intruders. The Santa Dog (Riley) watches the action from beside the tree, as well.

In my comfy chair next to the tree, Riley and I doze off dreaming about the sugar-like riches the holidays hold: the now-passed Thanksgiving feast complete with deviled eggs, the soon-approaching Christmas, and all the wonders of family and friends who will come to see our tree during this Christmas "let's call it what it is, not just another holiday" season.

Now, it may not be a Little Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. And our pets may not be the real Garfield or Odie But hey, it's the Hoskins Family Tree, with all the trimmings to compliment our lives and Hoosier Household. It's time to mark the season in our own ways, and we love it.

Here's to December, and the start of Christmas Season 2009!


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