Christmasy Carbs

Tis' the Season.

Not only are my newspaper sources not returning calls and being ever-so non-responsive in this week before Christmas, but yes the holiday festivities are coming in full force. All of that is a preview to the carb craziness and seasonal sugary ride that's about to engulf my Christmas week.

The past couple days have been a little off, as it seems I may be fighting off some sort of illness that's invaded my body. Nothing serious, just feel "off." And some unexplained jumps and dips in my #bgnows could be to blame, aside from the fussy leg site or whatever way the wind happens to be blowing.

That leads up to today's preview, which came with the Office Holiday Party.

For the past few years, we'd been off-site at a local restaurant in a private room with their own food and snacks. This year, we stayed in-house and gathered together for a large pitch-in festival. It began about 11:30 a.m. and lasted for a couple hours, with the desserts still lingering around afterward to find and devour as desired. This Carnival of Carb Craziness could have causd a high-blood sugar coma by itself, not to mention the calculation chaos that was inevitable. Some higlights: sliced ham or cooked turkey on a croissant, three styles of devilled eggs that included an awesome creation of DARK CHOCOLATE CHIPOLTE DEVILLED EGGS, spicy sweetened mini hot doggies, cheeseball and dip varieties, sweet fruit and veggie mixtures, brownies, cupcakes, cookies, white and dark chocolate pretzels.... And so on. Oh, man. It was insane.

I circled the tables with my mind swimming as I digested the consequences, and then went in for the kill. Carb Calculation Chaos ensued.

Only one person asked me about whether I "should be eating all that," which I didn't mind. This person wasn't asking that frustratingly-common question in the sense of "You're diabetic, so are you allowed to be eating all that?" She hears my tales of Carb Counting Madness and was asking more in that sense, as I had been talking about it. I nodded, notioned to my Paradigm and said "Probably not, but it'll have to work overtime today."

Ultimately, I believe I had somewhere around 80 carbs on my plate(s). Calculating it wasn't an exact science. But the test a few hours later hit 200, and then all was back within a few hours for dinner after that. Not too bad, I thought. This all followed my Endo appointment on Thursday, which resulted in some basal and correction rate changes that will be monitored during the next several days. All these holiday feasts throw things off, of course.

So, while it seemed OK at first, the sugary fun was still in my system. Plus, it followed me home. Left the office at the early-closing time, and came home to catch a nap to help fight off this "offness." But a gooey brownie for Suzi and huge chocolate chip cookie followed me home. While all has been mostly well tonight, that huge cookie is sitting nearby, staring at me and whispering in my ear. I resist, waiting for the time to do my evening blood test. Cookie tells me resistence is futile, but I refuse. I will prevail.

That's not the end, though. It gets tougher. As I sit here, Suzi has eaten her brownie but is over at the kitchen table preparing some holiday-gift treats: chocolate covered pretzel rods. Some for me, of course. And that cookie is somewhat persuasive... I can't stop glancing at it. May have to reach here, soon... soon... (Guestimating it's about 20grams, plus double that for two or three of those yummy pretzels... At 112mg/DL, we'll see where that dosage gets us in the next couple hours before bedtime.)

Of course, today was just a preview of what comes next week. The real-enchilada, following the chips & salsa of meal-planning (er, brain surgery) performed today. Will be great to celebrate with family and friends, and be in the seasonal spirit at its prime, but that doesn't take away the nuts-and-bolts of Living With The D At Christmas. Oh, the fun. Merry Christmas Carbs.... Tis' the Season.


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