Christmas Cookies - for Santa or Late-night Low?

In honor of the current test-run of the Navigator CGMs for a few days (courtesy of Mom Hoskins who's in town visiting and parted with her monitor briefly, we pay tribute to those Christmas Carbs on hand to combat any late night nosedives. My first day of using this device has been interesting, revealing, frustrating, and frantic all at the same time. A couple crashes were diverted, and I was able to witness the post-overbolusing rising blood sugars after inhaling apple juice, glucose tabs, cheezy dogs, and a fruit cup.

As Christmas Eve comes to a close and paves the way for Christmas Day, I thought it would be appropriate to set out some Christmas Cookies. You know, in case a Big Jolly Fat Man in a White Beard and Red Attire shows up for a visit. Or, more to the point: In case that CGM decides to start beeping loudly on that bedstand near my head to warn of a plummetting blood sugar. So, we have some cookies, gingersnaps (for GingerNinjas????), a glass of white milk, and of course a handy apple juice just in case we need a boost... Maybe I can even meet Santa up for a snack, and find out if he has any free CGM sensors or pump supplies in that magic Christmas Bag of his.

With that, I say goodnight with a poem:

Twas late in the night before Christmas, and all through the house
Not a Puppy or Kitty is stirring, nor is my spouse.
My blood sugar's steady at one-hundred-and-three
And there won't be a need to wake up about 3.
The wife is all nestled snug in our bed,
With visions of No Paramedics or Reactions dancing hopefully in her head.
We'll sleep well in knowing that Low Sugars won't be,
And the CGM works on through the night, protecting her and me.
Then Christmas will come and the fun will begin,
Before the day's worth of D-care starts over again.

"Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good-night...."


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