Ten years out....

Life since Lakeview has been an adventure, one with a variety of turns that have been both expected and unexpected. College, newspapering, coffee and conversation kept those early years company and offered consistency. Linda's. Many napkins came from those years. Poetry flowed, ever evolving into more journalistic prose as the years went by. Enter the light of my life, who helped define the good my life could become and the man I could be. For years, I'd looked whimsically out the window and pondered what could be - eager to embrace the possibilities. But she introduced the chance to make those dreams a reality. We've since moved to embrace that consistent dream of mine in newspapering, enduring the rocky road to Indiana and first two years of marriage. Amazing ride, one worth living every day.

Our 10-year reunion comes Nov. 23. The anniversary makes you really reflect on the past decade, wondering where you thought you'd be and the place you've ended up on the still-winding road. Some regrets, but mostly appreciation and gratefulness for the chances I've had thus far, the experiences I've been able to partake in, and the wonderful people that have graced my past decade.

The get-together will be at a local restaurant in the hometown, a small fee to pay for the food and then a cash bar to enjoy. Most I haven't had contact with since graduation. Some old connections are being rekindled through the wonders of social networking and email, but really I've only have kept in regular touch with one person from high school - and she wasn't even in my class. That person read her own handwritten poem at our wedding, and helped make high school and those post-Lakeview days what they were. She describes me as a better friend, someone to listen and rely on. I'd say the same about her. One can only hope for such a good friend and inspiration in life. That's a blessing.

So, here's to another decade of such fortune. The next may bring with it new obstacles and challenges more complex and frightening than the first; but if this past decade is any indication of what can happen with faith and navigating life's waters, then we've got the ammo to face whatever the decade brings.


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