Diabetes awareness month

Word's out: November is National Diabetes Month. Even better, Nov. 14 is the first-ever UN-sanctioned World Diabetes Day.

Thanks for the heads up, fellow Diabetes Mine blogger.

While the happenings of WDD happen in NY at the UN hq, there is a Hoosier connection to be aware of: Eli Lilly is playing its own little part in this day.

American Idol-finalist Elliot Yamin is the official spokesperson for the Eli-Lilly-sponsored Inspired by Diabetes Contest, for creative diabetics sharing their stories around the world through art, essay, poetry, photography and music. As you know, Lilly's based here in Indy. Thought that was worth mentioning. Here's another link.

So, that's the scoop. Tell a friend. Spread the word. Get everyone in the know that it's a month to discuss and pass on awareness about diabetes, and that World Diabetes Day is nearing this month.


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