Saturday, November 3, 2007

Coffee - not bottomless, just potless

Once, there was a place where Coffee & Conversation came with the honor of a bottomless coffee pot. There in that Corner Booth, we sat and discussed anything we could for hours that seemed to stretch for endless hours into the night. Refills were always welcomed, and the cups and pot we saw periodically seemed to have no bottom.

Outside that booth, in our own homes or in other sanctuaries we've sought to cherish some C&C, the bottoms are easier to find. We have to buy the coffee and the pots to brew it, and whatever else we may want to accompany the java. We refill our own cups, and the bottoms seem to come quickly. Too much effort to just keep making more. Never endless, it seems.

In our home, we have three pots. One is a 12-cupper, though the auto delay doesn't work and there's a part that keeps it from working properly. The other is a cappucino/coffee combo that was a wedding gift; that one has a pot that's just too darned small. Doesn't hold much, and coffee-lovers will inevitably have to brew another pot. So, that's just not acceptable. Plus, it doesn't have auto start and you have to hit the switch to make it start - on mornings when you could use a cup when first coming downstairs, it's a little disappointing.

Today, while out doing errands and buying needed items, we came across one that called out to us. It's a potless "brew station." Has auto start, delay brew, all the bells and whistles a coffee brewer should. So, here's to a new toy to feed my C&C or Sunday morning newspaper and coffee routine. Cheers.

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