A 10-year old punch

We made it into town not for the holidays, but also my 10-year high school reunion the day following Turkey Day. Was in the hometown, where we stayed with my parents for the extended weekend visit. Haven't really kept in touch with many people from high school, except more recently with the advent of MySpace and a couple quick, inpersonal emails here and there. But didn't do it through college and after, and since leaving Michigan, our brief weekend visits from Indiana didn't permit that. So it was great seeing many once-familiar faces in person for the first time in a decade. Many stayed in the area, some left the Mitten State as we did. We caught up, traded 10 years worth of stories, shared some drinks and had good times. Some married, some pregnant, jobs, etc. One's teaching at the former high school we attended, and she's married to the man a class ahead of us who I credit for turning me onto Oakland University, where I met my wife.... As fate would have it, I guess. Plan to keep in touch with some now, not wanting another decade to pass before we chat it up. Go Lakeview. Class of 1997.

As it turns out, the events of that night led to being laid up most of Saturday and for the drive back on Sunday. Thought it was a more powerful hangover punch despite the not-so-large, beer-only consumption - but that thought passed by mid-Saturday afternoon. Not able to keep any food or water down. Splitting headache, stomach pains. Stayed in bed most of the day. Reading my Bible. Suzi spent the day with her family. She was able to get out and see some of our friends from college, though I unfortunately had to miss the evening plans. They ribbed me, as expected and was appropriate. I would've done the same. Missed hanging out and watching hockey, drinking beer. Oh well.

Most of the symptoms and non-eating had passed by the time we got home Sunday evening (she drove). While it seemed at first to be weakness, my not being able to handle alcohol as I once could in college, it seems more likely that I had food poisoning or a bug of some sort. Maybe it was the seafood or something, complimented by the beer intake... Who knows.

All I know is that my 10-year had quite the punch. Knocked me out for two days. Moral of the story: don't wait a decade to keep in touch with old classmates and friends. Catch a drink and catchup in the meantime. Write an email. Do MySpace. Whatevever works. Just don't wait another 10 years before making the connections.


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