Duck, duck, duck....Me, me, me

Wait, it's tag - not goose! Wrong game.

During a late-night/early-morning blog exploring session, I discovered a virtual game of tag going on between fellow bloggers. Politics, journalism, religion, and all meaty topics aside, here's me tagging myself and getting in on that. Those who turned me in on this were mostly from the Diabetes OC (Online Community), including Diabetes Mine, Scott, and Kerri at Six Until Me... I'm sure there's more. Thanks for the heads up.

As Scott said in his post, I'm sure you'll be asleep by the end of this posting (a place I should be well-acquainted with at 2:45-ish, but for some reason haven't gotten to yet....) Enjoy.

My Random 7:
1.) I'm a newspaper man and am driven by deadline, but somehow I'm rarely on time. Work is one thing, but personal life is a complete role reversal. Can't manage time, always get distracted with too many projects within a project, or somehow find my way to time-wasting on a weekend with video games or "classic" movie watching on TNT or TBS, missing any previous-planned goal and deadline for the day. Of course, I did just manage to get a watch fixed and am starting to wear it - it was a Christmas 2006 gift, and I wore it for the first time in late November 2007. Procrastinator's Creed is what I've lived by for most of my life. Go figure.

2.) Noses fascinate me. Always have. Ever since childhood, I've had the urge to squish (you know, push on) various noses of those close in my life. Parents when little. Good kindergarten friend. My wife, who I affectionally refer to as "Nose." The dog, which is always cold and wet and curiously sniffing. Granted, this isn't an urge for most people I meet, and not a greeting or even something that happens all that often; only those few. Weird. No clue why.

3.) William is my middle name, which I'm very proud of. It's my grandfather's first name. My dad's middle name, and of course mine. I'd like to pass it down, should there one day be a son in our future. (I'd probably have to get an OK on that, though, so don't hold me to it...)

4.) This is my second blog. I'm a MySpacer, too. Started off to make this more in-depth, deeper, philisophical and insightful rather than just a way to keep in touch with friends and fam. Started focusing on diabetes more as a way to make it more of a conscious part of my life. That's a work in progress. In the meantime, here's another virtual soapbox for me to keyboard my thoughts for the online world to see (for better or worse). Story of why it's called what it is can be found in the little blurb off to the right there...

5). I've become a Hoosier, though am a native Michigander. Water v. Cornfields. It's true what they say about not knowing what you have until it's gone, or at least 300 miles away. Great Lakes are a wonderful treasure. There's only five, but us from ole' St. Clair Shores firmly believe that Lake St. Clair could and should be the next in line - maybe the six, "Little Great" Lake St Clair. Dream a little dream, I say.

6.) (D-bloggers, you'll get this one): Glucose tabs are like candy. Yep. Even before they came in fun, colorful, yummy flavors like orange, watermelon, apple, and grape. Back in the day, when they were individually wrapped, boring, white, square tabs that didn't dissolve as quickly in your mouth. Thought of them as a treat. Yum. Made my mom sick, but I loved them. Maybe that's why my sugars were always so high....

7.) If sleeplessness could cure diabetes, I'd be on my way. It's after 2 a.m. and the writing goes on. I'm strange like that. Something majestic and magical about the post-midnight hour. It's when the creativity flows, much like the coffee. There was a song back in high school, maybe college, called 3 a.m. by Matchbox Twenty. Loved that one. Relate so well. A former English teacher once said, "You'll sleep plenty when you're dead."

So, that is that. Now here's my open invite for everyone to follow the lead, or jump on the v-bandwagon, or just post another seven. Rules and a How-To on V-Tag can be found here. Also per the rules, I'll tag seven more: the wife Suzi, Kari, Dorian, my mom, Ryan Bruner, Cory Heck, and Jeremy Sarnovsky.

Have fun all.


AmyT said…
Hey Michael,

Great 7, thanks! I'm with you on the sleeplessness cure.

btw, I noticed that is not in your blogroll. Would you mind adding?

All the best,

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