You're kidding... Another one????

Well, now I've crossed the line. Another blog created, another way to keep the world in touch with my random ramblings and insane mumblings each day, week, month. You should be scared. The decision came reading legal blogs, or "blawgs" related to work, as well as creations from politicos and friends across the country. Suddenly, the MySpace craze didn't seem to cut it anymore. So here's another attempt to create that boundless network of readers who can bounce in periodically when time permits. Maybe this means the coffee pot will brew more often, or that the pillow will welcome my sleeping head later or less often. Hope yes for the first, and no for the latter. As far as new year resolutions go, better health maintenance tops the list along with better financing, but other personal ones that should be on the list include more regular schedules and written or expressive reflection on daily life. So, here's my latest attempt at all the above. Read with pleasure or displeasure, whichever you prefer. But happy reading nonetheless. And in tribute to Hoskins' blog, raise those coffee mugs (or beer steins, if preferred) and toast to The Corner Booth. Here's to a daily dose of Coffee & Conversation - Hoskins-style.


Abby said…
Hey! I know you!

Nice to see you've joined the blogosphere. Now you give me something else to do during con law!

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