True Circle City spirit

A few co-workers and I journeyed to a Colts rally Friday in downtown Indy at the Circle Center Mall, few-a minute walk from the paper. Free posters, long lines at the pro shop, massive fans with painted faces and costumes cheering, singing, dancing and posing for pictures with "Blue" the Mascot. I course bought two AFC Champions sweatshirts, as we have little Colts attire since our move three years ago from Detroit. So, that was a necessity.

Well, we glance over at one during the rally, and see a Bear and Colt (who we thought was a unicorn) nearby, being hassled by security guards. At first, we thought it was two innocents on a work-assignment who happened to stumble upon the rally, unknowingly garnering the attention of fans in a different light. Those securing the scene wouldn't let the custome-wearing folk near the rally and told them to leave. Bear threw his hands up in disgust. Great moment.

Later that day, we discovered the true identies of the pair: Bear v. Colts. Check out this site to see more.... As it turns out, both Friend the Bear and Friend the Colt (who looks like a unicorn) have MySpace pages.

Also during the mall trip, we met a Colts fan dressed up in a Bears jersey and had two bow and arror darts protuding from his head. A joke, he explained. Though, he also pointed out that his Elvis getup last week got more positive reaction.

Now, we await a larger, outdoor rally in Monument Circle on Monday. And the weeklong showing of spirit leading up to the Super Bowl on Feb. 4. Everyone says this is what the city needs, a united and festive front to what was a crime-ridden, politically-divided 2006 that was leaking into 2007. So, leave it to true football sprit to unite us in the Circle City!


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