Binding contractual agreement

Re: Wager on Colts v. Bears
Hoskins v. VanAcker, No. 07-SUPERBOWL-XLI
Pursuant to an email agreement reached Jan. 28, 2007, this is a binding contractual document that constitutes an official wager between Bob VanAcker and Mike Hoskins. This wager shall be settled upon final outcome of Super Bowl XLI, to be held Feb. 4, 2007 between the Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears (hereafter referred to as "The Game").

Whereas, Loser shall - upon notification of outcome of The Game provide brewed alcoholic beverages (herein: "beer") to Winner. This said beer shall be of Winner's choosing and in packaged form of 24 cans. Said Loser shall make arrangements to deliver said beer within 60 days, or by April 4, 2007.

Therefore, said Winner shall determine how settled debt is to be divided. Parties shall individually bear responsibility for additional expenses related to these terms, including but not limited to room and board, travel and mileage, and extracurricular activities.
Delinquency in satisfying disputed debt shall result in third-party arbitration with a mutually-agreeable arbitrator (i.e. Cory Heck).

Copies of this binding agreement have been sent to Larry Hoskins and Jeremy Sarnovsky, retained legal counsels; Cory Heck, selected third-party arbitrator; Susanne Hoskins, witness and asset-holder of contractee Michael W. Hoskins; and Scott Andrew and Justin Doescher, witnesses.

Done in both Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois, this 1st day of February, 2007.

Hoskins and Bobby bet their respective teams would stomp the other into the ground in the 2007 Super Bowl (GO COLTS!).
Whoever loses has to buy a case. We're not going to wait forever, though, and no one's getting away with crappy beer!
Winner decides if other can share in beer-drinking of the winnings. While winner might put loser up at their place for the stay, paying for traveling, bar tabs or extra entertainment isn't included in this bet.
If it doesn't happen like this, Cory (a neutral party) decides what happens.
These people got copied because it's funny and they'll appreciate the legal humor. And Suz, since she'll have to live with the consequences of whoever wins or loses.


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