Google me this, Google me that

Google has thoughts on press: "More is better." Outstanding. Here's the story from today's the Wall Street Journal online. Hail to the press.

For journalists who wanted to spend an hour with Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page... the payoff was catching a glimmer of optimism about the news business.

After tracing a labyrinthine route to Google’s meeting room, reporters heard the search giant’s founders express just a hint of optimism about newspapers, which have struggled to hold onto advertising and readers as online readership has soared. “It will be a long time before displays will be as good as paper,” said Mr. Page, who gets his news online. “I’m still a believer in paper.” Papers will have to focus more on creating unique content,” Mr. Brin added. “I think unique content is going to become a lot more valuable.” He also said he worries about the small number of professional journalists, which he said is too low for the world’s information needs. “I think it’s a problem for the world.”

During the hour-long session, the two comforted the assembled journalists by assuring them it wasn’t Google’s goal to put newspapers out of business. “I would like to see a strong, healthy ecosystem encouraging people to do what you guys do, ” Mr. Brin said.

I completely concur. It's a 21st Century calling to journalists worldwide... Let's just hope it leads to "real reporters" and doesn't backfire and lead to more bloggers.... Hmmm. Wait a minute..... Scratch that.


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