Blue, Blue City

We missed Tiger-mania in Detroit last summer and fall. It's been years since the Red Wings graced our memories with Stanley Cup championships. And the yearly college football excitement of Michigan v. Ohio State has passed.

But now, here's the chance to get into the Blue Crew Craze of Indianapolis, now that the Colts are heading to the Super Bowl. Outstanding game, one that I wasn't that interested in watching at the beginning but - like everyone else - got sucked into during the amazing second half and record-breaking comeback. The type of football game every fan or casual watcher lives and hopes for. Now, city's ablaze with blueness, everywhere and everyone. Fun part, those who know Bobby know that he's moved to Chicago in recent months - so now he's a Bears fan, and we're on the opposite ends of the Super Bowl. We've already traded some fun emails and messages kidding each other, even though we're both native Detroiters (funny how Lions aren't a default team!). So, it's a crazy two weeks as Indy gets ready for Miami.

So, there it is: Go Colts! (P.S. Fire Millen, Fire Ford!)


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