Goodbye to Gibbs Corleone, My Don of Rage Bolusing

New diabetes tech is always exciting!

A clear Minimed Revel 723 (without CGM!)

Ah, the box opening... FUN!

Out with the old 722, in with the new 723... (sorry, my out-of-warranty friend.)

There's now a new D-Device Love Triangle...

Yet, there is sadness as someone is always left behind and looking in from the outside.

Yes, I see you there, my out-of-warranty friend, all by yourself and peering from behind the new trio.

My dear insulin pump Gibbs Corleone, the ole Don of Rage Bolusing.

You will be missed, but not forotten. You've been a trusted and reliable companion for the past few years. You were the latest in a line of insulin pumps, and followed loyally in the footsteps of your predecessors Bacon Gibbs and Tony P "Scarface" before him. And even though you were past your prime, you continued your job without complaint. Even when I started flirting with others this past year and considered proposing to that younger touchscreen model...

In the end, I decided to stay in the family and have now married your younger sister.

And so, Insulin Pump Don: I wish you well in your trade-in experiences and whatever comes next once you return to the distribution and D-Device testing facilities.

Now, on to the next priorities. Like coming with a name for my clear new Revel 723...


Kerri. said…
I like the clear - very snazzy!!!
Scott E said…
Welcome back to the MedT club! Your reasons are yours, and you may choose to keep them private, but it feels good to not be one of the last lone holdouts (I'm eligible to upgrade soon).

But you're right, there is a sentimental attachment one develops to their pump. I suggest you hold on to your old one as a backup. (It doesn't expire, unlike emergency Lantus)
StephenS said…
I really like the clear look. Very clean!

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