Feel That Burn

There's nothing like the burning sensation on the right sight of your abdomen during a bolus of insulin to signal that it's time to change your infusion set after a few days.

And then the burning sensation you feel on the other side of your abdomen during a bolus, to tell you the site you just put a new infusion set on is no good.

Even better when this all goes down in the course of 20 minutes.

As you are walking out the door trying to make your way to a coffee shop, to tell a local insulin pump rep why you're not interested in their device but prefer the one you're wearing.

You do have a sense of humor, diabetes. I'll give you that. And no, I doubt this is what Jane Fonda had in mind when it came to feeling the burn.

But hey, you know what they say: No Pain, No Gain.

A small price to pay for the privilege of using an insulin pump.


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