Diabetes Coffee Art 2014

With 2014 marking the 5th Diabetes Art Day, created by my friend Lee Ann Thill who lives in New Jersey and has been living with type 1 since the late 70s. I'm a huge fan of this, even though I'm someone who isn't artistic by any stretch of the imagination but enjoys tapping into my emotions about how diabetes makes me feel.

That's what D-Art Day is all about -- art therapy, something Lee Ann is passionate about and inspires this community to take part in year after year. Taking inspiration from my header up there on The D-Corner Booth itself, I made a sketch about how I sometimes feel when it comes to living with type 1. If diabetes life were a cup of coffee, this may be what it would look like in sketch-form:

See that test strip there, floating around?

Yep. That's me, just trying to stay afloat and not sink in the never-ending cup of diabetes coffee. With a little help from the Diabetes Online Community (#DOC) when needed, of course!

Another D-reality: Test strips appear everywhere in the strangest of places...

(For the record: There once was an actual test strip that somehow found its way into my coffee mug on my desk, when I had an office job. No photo staging for that original strip-in-mug, and I'm just glad I looked down at my java before taking a sip... I've since recreated that image a few times, including in my current blog header above.)

So that is my D-Art Day creation for 2014. Go ahead, make something up yourself -- no artistic talent required and just create from the heart.


Karen said…
You had me at coffee. ;) Great art!!
StephenS said…
Very crafty... I dig it.
Kim said…
Nicely done, Mike! You know I'm a fan of any art that involves coffee. :)

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