Let's Go Blue

Every Friday in November was devoted to wearing Blue.

A color meant for advocating the diabetes message and spreading awareness.

We had blue circles, clothes, wristbands, lighting, and everything you might think of.

So, with that logic in mind and continuing the blue-streak... How is it that there are actually people in the world who ARE NOT fans of the University of Michigan??? You know, the team that has the awesome chant "Let's Go Blue!"

Seriously. Everyone in the Diabetes Community should be Michigan fans. I think it's pretty clear.

Don't ya think?

Yep. Especially after Saturday when the Wolverines finally won The Game (at the Big House) for the first time since 2003.

C'mon. You know you wanna be a Wolverine fan.. just say it: "Let's Go Blue." See, you're already halfway there.

(wink and smile)



Sara said…
I'm in Victoria's living room so I would just like to say - WAR EAGLE!
Unknown said…
We're only blue on Fridays around here. It was fun to actually see the big game be a good one this year though.
Nice mustache! I would say go Okie state Pokes! Nothing like prison orange.
Scott S said…
I'm really behind on my reading, but I would say that although I'm NOT a big sports fan for many reasons, I am a Michigan fan for its outstanding academics. That's reason alone in my book!
victoriacumbow said…
OK, so I saw this post a while ago, but I just now saw Sara's comment. Yay!!! And I'm with her, War Eagle! (besides, one of our colors is blue, too). ;)

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