Halloween D-Fun

Our annual JDRF Walk happened Saturday morning in downtown Indianapolis and we had a great time. Both Suzi and I walked, along with the Riley dog who's been excited to participate in past walks.

This was the latest it's been scheduled, and given the timing so close to Halloween the theme was "Say Boo To Diabetes." So, we had some fun and dressed the Riley Dog up in a D-themed costume.

She became an insulin pump. A "Puptronic 2011" pump, to be exact. All with a little homemade artistic magic by Suzi, using stick-on felt designs on a University of Michigan doggy coat.

The Manufacturing Process
Manufactured by @TypeSuzi

Excited to be an insulin pump!

Showing off her costume at the Walk!

Relaxing, just before the walk begins!

Posing with dad and the Animas pump guys.

Happy Dog, smiling for a photo!

And so that was our weekend walk. We had a blast, along with about 3,000 others.

Now, we're ready for Halloween.

As I've written in years' past, I have never felt that Halloween is about the candy. It's everything else. More important than the candy, I recall the fun times of the holiday. The costumes. Being with friends. The pre-season pumpkin carving, party-going, hayrides, and haunted houses. That was more exciting and memorable. We have the great movies: Garfield's Halloween Adventure, It's The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown; Night of the Living Dead and Return of the Living Dead. Of course, we have to have the candy bowl stocked and ready to go near the doorway.

However everyone else is planning to spend Halloween, hope it's a great one filled with some fun!

Happy Halloween!!!


She is soooo cute! What a darling costume!!! Awesome work, Suzi!! (I will refrain from saying anything about the UM coat!). Glad you had a great walk day!

I also believe Halloween is about more than candy. We have had so much fun doing all the other stuff! The candy is just a small, small part!

Have a great day! BOO!
Kim said…
OH MY GOODNESS. Puptronic? Seriously?

This might be the best pet costume I've ever seen. :)
Renata said…
So Awesome! A true family affair.
shannon said…
PUPTRONIC! SO AWESOME!! props on your family's craftiness!! happy halloween! :D

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