An Awesome Community

Don’t ever doubt that you make a difference.

One person, telling his or her story, is all it takes. That person can reach someone else when they might need it most. And change a life, in small or big ways.

That’s what Simon says the DOC has done for him.

That’s what the DOC has done for me.

And so many others echo that same sentiment, from online blogs and Twitter-chats to real life meetups in random settings. From 1-on-1 get togethers to large-scale “events” with groups of PWD.

You look around the roster of people who gathered from more than a dozen states, all in the name of one individual from Australia who seems to embody the spirit of this community so well. A friend, life-changer, and awesome person.

Most of us had a great time, and the words are just starting to trickle out of our hearts even as the thoughts and feelings are still being processed in our heads. Not everyone could be there live in person, but many could follow along online thanks to the technological wonders we have today and, more to the point, everyone in our community was there in spirit. This organic meeting of friends is something to write home about. It's worth recognizing, because it shows the power we have in each other's lives and what we are willing to do in order to see those who mean so much to us. Those in our own lives who've made such a difference.

For me, a 1,022-mile drive between Indy and Kansas City was the chance of a lifetime and well worth it.

Just being around these people is amazing, inspiring, supportive, motivating, happy-inducing.

Simply: AWESOME.

And that’s all there is to it.

Others have said written it so much better than I can, so if you haven't had the pleasure yet, please drop on by and read their thoughts on the multi-state experience that was #simonpalooza.



Scott Strange





Others on the NYC arm, including Karen, Kerri and Briley

And of course, this incredible video:
You Make a Difference


Misty said…
I am loving reading about this "event". Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, and I wasn't even there. Thanks for sharing your experience with the whole "community"!
Anonymous said…
That is awesome - and I actually got to read Simon's story before. It echoes your comments about the strength of the community very well. These are not just empty words - we really can make a huge difference.
Meagan said…
I love that the DOC came from all over to celebrate "Simonpalooza" shows how much we all really do need each other. Life should never be lonely for a diabetic...we really need each other to lean on. Glad you all had an amazing time, I'm hoping they do it again next year...I'd LOVE to be there!!! :)
Sara said…
I've been thinking a lot lately about the support we provide for each other. I can't imagine doing this alone.
williamtitu166 said…
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