Six Things: According to Tom Petty & Me

Today is annual D-Blog Day.

The point is to not only unite diabetes bloggers, but to bring us together for the purpose of raising awareness.

So, with a Tuesday marking this now-annual online event, I give you this year's topic: Six Things that I think You Should Know About Diabetes. Please, take note.

1. Type 1 isn't Type 2. Yes, there are different types. We T1s are a smaller percentage, not part of what's sometimes referred to as the epidemic-sized "silent killer." This is a chronic autoimmune condition that I didn't bring on myself, and I won't grow out of. There's no cure-all and insulin is only life support. It takes constant care, ninja-like skills to manage each and every day without any vacation. Just because I don't look "sick" doesn't mean that I'm not living with a chronic condition. Yes, there's a reason we in this crazy community call it an "invisible illness." Do you wonder what Type 1 diabetes looks like? Well, you may look at me and see this:

Me Being Pretending To Be All Kinds of Mr. Normal Guy

Even though, even as you're looking at me, I may feel like this:

The Inner Crazy, Insane Person With Diabetes

2. Diabetes Police (and some in the medical community) say that you can control diabetes, that after a given period of time like 26 years, "you should be doing better." This is a myth. Diabetes often means uncertainty, even when you follow the rules and do everything right. Young Eilish's recent death is proof of this. It's unfair and really does suck, but it is what it is. We do our best. Do I come to you, Mr or Mrs. Non-D, and interrogate and lecture you about how you're failing to stay young when you've got so many years under your belt? No. Please understand that some things are just the way they are despite our best efforts, and leave us be. Oh, and by the way: "Yes, we CAN eat that ______."

3. Hey, Insurance Company: I'm not out to just tag more claims onto my policy with you. No, I don't WANT to test my blood 8-12 times a day. I'd rather not, actually. My calloused-fingertips would like the rest. But it's a life-maintaining tool that will actually help you SAVE money in the long-run, and you should jump at that chance. Same with a Continuous Glucose Monitor. If you want to deny me and later fork over larger amounts for paramedics, ambulances, and hospital fees, then don't come crying to me later on. I gave you the chance to avoid it. Your own stupid fault if you didn't listen.

4. Tom Petty can apparently tap into my soul and sing songs in the voice of my pancreas: Breakdown, go ahead and give it to me (insulin, of course!). You Don't Know How It Feels (to be diabetic). We all know the Waiting Is the Hardest Part when coming down from a High, but we don't want to find ourselves Free Falling way too Low. You Wreck Me, diabetes. When it comes right down to it, we people with diabetes just have to say Damn the Torpedoes and just step out Into the Great Wide Open to start Running Down a Dream.

5. I've been Way Up High and Way Down Low, and sometimes feel lost and uncertain. But not alone. Not anymore. Thanks to the Diabetes Online Community, which transcends the online world and filters into offline advocacy and friendships. Without the DOC, I'd be less accountable to myself and my D would be managed much differently to my own detriment. In my opinion, every person who has or is impacted by diabetes should be a part of this incredible network of support.

6. My Busted Pancreas Can Kick the Islet Cells of Your Lazy Pancreas any day, honor roll or not. Put that on your bumper sticker, bee-atch.

So that's Diabetes Six for Today, courtesy of both Tom "My Pancreas" Petty and I. This isn't the only blog on this blogging bandwagon partaking in the festivities today, though. You can find more entries here over at The Diabetes OC. Please, take a look and let everyone know you came by!


Scully said…
HAHAHAHAHA! thanks Mike... great post. I WANT that bumper sticker!
Bernard Farrell said…
Thanks Mike, funny post. Wow, how did you decide on Tom Petty. Good choice.
ninnifur said…
great post!! I am in class and i accidently laughed out loud!!! oops! I like the smiley face! I want that on a bumper sticker too!! It would make people think! Thats for sure!
Briley said…
I really enjoy the picture of what you actually feel like. It's a classic and I definitely had one of those moments last night. Thanks for a great six!
sysy said…
I like your 6! Love Tom Petty lol I'm still looking for some support in the network of support you speak of but, I figure slowly and surely it will come...

Great post!
Unknown said…
Love the Tom Petty choice Mike!!!
HVS said…
I want a bumper sticker of #1. ("Yes,we Can eat that _.") The D-police really get on my nerves.
I LOVE #7! Perfectly said!
Renata said…
Awesome post. I'd buy the bumper sticker too for my kids.
shannon said…
#6 is a bumpersticker of awesomeness!
Mike Lawson said…
I like number three a lot. I hate that insurance companies feel that they can manage my health better than my doctor who has actually met me.

Why do you only pay for three syringes a day (GOD I NEED A PUMP) when my doctor has clearly written a prescription for five?!?
Katie said…
I love your list...especially the Tom Petty tie in. :)
LOL at #6...Okay, you're on, Mike. My busted pancreas challenges your broken pancreas to a wrestling match...I will TAKE YOU DOWN.
Melissa Lee said…
The Tom Petty references are great, the bumper sticker is genius, but I think I love the insane happy face guy photo the most. :D
Meri said…
Great list Michael! I needed a smile right now!
EDONAdesigns said…
Michael -
Thank you! You're crazy insane person with diabetes made me smile because that is SO me right this very moment. The Tom Petty song analogies are spot on and YES, we CAN eat THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, again... Thank you! : )
I love it Mike! I'd totally rock that bumper sticker. :-)

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