Needed Musical Talent

Musical talent isn't something that graces my life.

Singing is taboo, or at least it should be... Even in the shower, where the water goes ice cold whenever I tempt fate by starting to sing. Haven't played any musical instruments since my high school drumming days, which lasted about a year. Some say I can dance on beat, but that alleged rhythm and coordination remains a debatable point still baffling the wisest of the wise.

However, I'm fortunate enough to be blessed with musical talent from others when it's needed most. There's church song, which lifts the spirit and makes you appreciate having a voice. Then, there's just great artists on the airwaves who have some outstanding tunage, songwriting, and craft in performing.

Lately, I've been having a tough time and haven't been all too fond of my D-Life. Paramedic visits, Ill-Timed Lows, and overall uncertainty more than usual have been mounting - on top of the regular life hurdles and stresses and deadlines. Nearing meltdown after a long Thursday that seemed to never end, I turned to some trusty iTunes to help ease the mood. And what did I find?

A song called Not By Choice, sung by the fabulous George Simmons, the Ninjabetic Extraordinare. This fellow D-Blogger out in California was one of the first to ever comment on my blog long before it became The Diabetic's Corner Booth, when it was just The Corner Booth. He introduced me to the real DOC, as I know it now. This man has been an inspiration and life-changing force for me, and I had the privilege of meeting him in person this past summer. Now, in a time when I wasn't holding it all together, SuperG came to my rescue with his outstanding musical talent created for World Diabetes Day 2008.

Work has been busy lately, and I've been trying to just stay afloat. But no matter how much I tried to manage my D-Life on Thursday, it came back at me and got in the way. Trying to interview our state's newest Supreme Court justice while going Low wasn't part of my plan, but I had to deal with it. That became so frustratining, adding to everything already piling on.

"You're here with me, but not by choice. Screamed so loud, without a voice."

My bloody hands, tired heart, my spirit broken from the start... I try to blame myself, but that's not right. Maybe I got you cause God knew I would fight."

Listening to George's words hit home, and very much got to me sitting at the computer late at night trying to conquer my deadline writer's block. His music helped ease the mood, clear the fog, and get me down to what I needed to do.

So thank you, George. More than you know. Your song brought me out of a funk, and it also reminded me how we're all fighting a battle that's bigger than ourselves. We have each other. And that's incredible.

"I fight for life, and help others to fight, too."

With that, I leave you with Not By Choice that can be viewed over at George's Youtube channel: Please enjoy it even half as much as I do.

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Unknown said…
WOW, and thank you. I hope my son will find people like you and George to look to when he is older and more aware of "d" in his life.

Hey, you are kind of a big wig huh? Interviewing the state Supreme Court Justice. I'm impressed! With a low none-the-less. You are nothing short of a super hero. I am gonna tell Joe about you later tonight. to listen to the song.
sysy morales said…
Awesome post, awesome song by George!
George said…
I have come to realize that this song is no longer mine but everyone elses. The joy that brings me is unmeasurable.
Its awesome to see it bring some comfort to you.

And thanks for all the nice stuff u said abt little old me. I'm blushing.
Scott S said…
Frankly, you need to listen to the lyrics of a song popularized by The Carpenters entitled "Sing" (I will leave you with the Kristen Chenoweth version; its a little more up-to-date).

Sing, sing a song
Sing out loud
Sing out strong
Sing of good things not bad
Sing of happy not sad

Sing, sing a song
Make it simple to last
Your whole life long
Don't worry that it's not
Good enough for anyone
Else to hear
Just sing, sing a song

La la la la la
La la la la la la ...

Sing, sing a song

OK, now that I've ruined my credibility here, I think the point is that singing is healthy and people shouldn't give a fig whether it sounds great or not--no one is asking you to record an album or anything!

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