Diabetes Art Day: Kitchen Creations

As you may know, today is the inaugural Diabetes Art Day! Inspired by the T1D-peep Lee Ann Thill, who is a fellow DOC member who is an art therapist and hosts The Butter Compartment blog You can read her posts on D-Art Day over there if you're not familiar with what it's all about, but basically participants are creating our own diabetes-inspired works of art using whatever materials we may choose. Our masterpieces are being posted all across the online community, whether it be a on a blog, Facebook, Twitter, or social media network like TuDiabetes.

Anyhow, Suzi and I had some fun making our creations in recent days and it turns out they all have one theme in common - the Kitchen! Just happened to work out that way! So, without further delay, you can find our contributions below:

Daily Ramblings of a D-Mind:

The Chore Chart on our fridge became the centerpiece of this 1st piece of artwork... My D-Mind ramblings combining with the magnetic words from my college days to create: Fridge Word Art.

In case you can't read them, the words are:
(top left to right and around toward the bottom)
Life With D
Blows. Never Easy, Mind Job, No Break
Food 101, Skip Pizza, Give Shot, Always Test.
Horrible High. Fail. I would like a vacation.
Understand.We need more money for research.
Live Long.
(And that's ME!)

Syringe Cap Glucoaster 
(How my BGs read on any given MDI day)

A D-Wife's Birthday Cake for A Cure 

Suzi's birthday was Tuesday, Aug. 31. So, we combined some of her awesomely homemade birthday cake with a decoration theme for D-Art Day. Here's her contributions, as the Wife of a Type 1 Diabetic.

The Cure Cake!

Honoring the great Journey Song, Don't Stop Believin'. (you know, in a cure!)

My favorite part of the song: "Just a city boy, born and raised in south Detroit...! (Actually, I'm a city boy, born and raised in north Detroit!)

Anyhow, Suzi's yummy artistic creation not only shows us hope that we can live without BG testing that comes with the D, but that we can't stop believing in a cure that will stop the constant BG testing that comes with Living With Diabetes. Plus, this great banana cream cake takes AWESOME! By far, my favorite of the D-Art Day projects in our household! I've realized that her creation, in so many ways, is so incredibly better to look at and enjoy than both of mine. Hey. She IS my better half, indeed!

So, there you have it. Our Diabetes Art Day creations! Hope you enjoyed them, and I'll look forward to seeing all the other great artworks scattered across the Diabetes Online Community! Thanks for doing this, Lee Ann!


Crystal said…
What a creative couple you both are!!!!

Love it, Mike. The graph. Wow.

Love the "Fridge Word Art"!!!!!!

Frackin' AWEsome, dude.
Renata said…
I love the second one!
Kim said…
I love the Glucoaster!! What a lot of time that must have taken.
SarahK said…
I love it, love it, LOOOOVE it!!! You guys did a great job! The graph is awesome, esp with the needles sticking you when you're high. Reminds me of your neuropathy post where you said when you're high, it feels like you are being stuck in the foot with needles.
OH! And Journey!!! OMG! I think of you every single time I hear it on my Glee CD!!!!
Meri said…
Just awesome. The music was a nice touch. :)
Unknown said…
WOW!!!! Love your art :)

That cake looks fantastic ... so sweet ... it speaks volumes about the girl you are blessed to call your bride ;)
shannon said…
That glucoaster RULES! My kid wants to know if you based in on one of your actual graphs. And now I'm craving cake. Well done all around!
Heidi / D-Tales said…
Fun stuff! Enjoyed it all! :)
Scott Strange said…
Hehe, the glucocoaster and the word art, brilliant
Lee Ann Thill said…
Thumbs up for so many reasons! I love that you made it a husband and wife effort - much like your diabetes care is. I love that Suzi's cake and your word art are kitchen-themed. I love the word-association-thing that's working for the fridge art. Is that a skull I see in the Glucoaster, because that's a nice touch, and I love how you combined all the separate diabetes items to illustrate what it's like to live with diabetes.

Great pieces, all of them! Thanks a bunch for participating in Diabetes Art Day, getting your wife involved in it too, and all you did to help make it a community success!
Karen said…
Love the art!!! I think you both creating EQUALLY AWESOME contributions - so don't sell yours short. Although I will say, your wife's contribution would certainly TASTE better. :)
Tracy said…
I LOVE that fridge art! Our minds definitely have a lot going on.

And the graph of the BG trend was awesome too!

Love the cake!

Great job for the 1st D art day!

And thanks for the comment on my art!
Jen said…
That syringe cap glucometer is genius!
I just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more!
Cherise said…
Great job! You and Suzie did a great job.

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