Worth the cost

Sometimes, you just need to say to heck with it.....

And disregard teh better judgement of your quarter-century of diabetes management and meal planning.

Instead, you turn to the Almighty O-R-E-O...

In the absence of a good relaxing red wine in the house, I opted for some heavenly Cookies & Milk to feed the fix after a long day and week. A day that brought in hefty paychecks but saw most of them doled out in a single day to pay off bills, buy groceries, and put toward expenses.

So, I caved at the midnight hour of Nov. 14 -a day in which we welcomed World Diabetes Day 2009. I then proceeded to stay up and watch the three-hours of DVR-ed Friday night shows - Smallvile, Stargate Universe, and Law & Order.

The cost: 5.5 carbs (4 cookies, cup of milk), 5.5 units. And a little more needed sleep on a sunny Saturday.

Well worth it.


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