Be Aware...

... That November is National Diabetes Awareness Month.

Here's some words from the ADA about it, particularly a push for people to join the national movement to Stop Diabetes (I realize great movement names are somewhat limited, but it's as if there wasn't already a push for that???)

Anyhow, this month is apparently a time to "shine a spotlight on a serious disease that leads to potentially life-threatening complications such as..."

You know, just once - I'd like to read something that says diabetes is a disease that "can be managed correctly and lead to healthy-productive lives even though there will always be a possibility for complications." You know, the optimism that really goes hand-in-hand with efforts to "Stop Diabetes" or "Find a Cure." But, of course, optimism then wouldn't solidify the need as to "why" we need to find a cure or stop diabetes for those of us not living with it.

Oh well. We can hope.

Ways to take advantage of November, according to the ADA:

1. Share. Inspire others by sharing your own personal story, and invite others to do the same.
2. Act. Do something, whether it's walking, biking, or spreading the word, about diabetes and the many activities out there.
3. Learn. About Diabetes.
4. Give. Locally, state, or nationally. Personally, I prefer the JDRF. Not that the ADA doesn't do good things, just a personal preference of mine. Cuz I don't care as much about Type 2, as I do about all the kids who have or will someday have to live with diabetes without a cure.

So, hey. It's November. Now you know to join the cause. If you didn't already...


Unknown said…
Diabetic retinopathy is the largest cause of preventable blindness among working-age Americans. There are more than 24 million Americans currently living with diabetes, yet less than half of them are getting the yearly dilated eye exam that could prevent blindness. The American Academy of Ophthalmology’s new EyeSmart: EyeCommitted social media campaign reminds Americans that an annual dilated eye exam can help prevent vision loss in people with diabetes.

Check it out at:

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