New Set Nervousness

The time recently came to order new pump supplies. It turns out this was actually my first time re-ordering Minimed supplies, since switching back to the company on the hinges of Cozmo's discontinuation earlier this year. I returned to my initial pump company, which I never had an issue with and regretted leaving for Deltec every single day until the time came to happily go back. My mom, who I inspired to start pump therapy after I'd started in mid-2001, always said I was a poster boy for Minimed. Anyhow, after being on Cozmo for about two years, I once again found myself getting used to the Paradigm supplies and online store options. My initial switch back brought an initial round of new sites and reserviors, and that's what I'd been on for a few months - in addition to some older "expired" sets that I'd still had leftover from 2007. I used those to hold off on getting new supplies, but finally decided to make the plunge.

So, I went online and made the order.

About a week later, the box of new supplies arrived. I found the UPS brown box on my porchstep when returning home from work one day. Taking it inside, I excitedly pried it open and first found my new reservoirs - the larger 3.0s, rather than the shorter 1.8 ones that meant about three more days of insulin inside. That was a happy bonus.

However, I soon discovered that instead of ordering the Silouettes that I'd been using recently and had used my entire previous run on Minimed, I had placed an order for the 90-degree Quick-Sets. I was confused, and somewhat baffled by my mistake. I confirmed it online, and realized that I had a box. But because they were on "short supply" Minimed had only sent a single box rather than the 3 placed. That might actually work in my favor, as I can call and explain my mistake and request the other two boxes be the more-familiar sets I really wanted.

Anyhow, I am testing this newer Quick Set option. I'm not that thrilled about it. I've read posts and message boards about kinking canulas, about that pending fear of the straight-in clicking. I have put it in, and am nervous but hopeful. I can't view the cannula as with other sets. We'll see how it goes.

My huge Thanksgiving meal finally caught up with my this evening, bumping me up to about 205 after a great dinner-time test. I've corrected, and since I've got three more days off before heading back to work, I will likely stay up for a couple more hours to test at 3 a.m. Hope it does the job, at least until my Silouettes get back my way.


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